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7 Bad Auto Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing


You probably have a few bad habits when it comes to your car. Maybe you don't always get it serviced as often as you should, or maybe you're not too careful with how much gas you put in. But whatever your bad habits are, they could be causing problems for your car and costing you more money in the long run. So if you want to keep your car running smoothly, make sure to avoid these five bad auto habits that your mechanic wants you to stop doing.


1. Ignoring Your Check Engine and Other Warning Lights:

Ignoring your car's check engine and other warning lights can lead to expensive repairs, so it's important to know what each light means.  For instance, a low oil level light may indicate that you need an engine flush and filter change soon. Ignoring this type of warning will cause major problems for your vehicle in the future. You'll want to be sure that you're familiar with all of the warning lights on your dashboard before making any decisions about whether or not you should stop driving until repairs are made.


2. Waiting Too Long On Routine Car Maintenance:

Your car is an investment. But, before you can reap the benefits of that investment, you have to maintain it and keep it running smoothly. To do so, there are a number of routine maintenance tasks that need to be performed overtime to ensure your vehicle runs as well as possible.


Well, for one thing, our cars will just stop working at some point down the road. If we wait too long on routine car maintenance or neglect them all together then what's going to happen is that eventually, something major like a transmission issue could arise and totally wipe out any equity in your car.


3. Ignoring Unusual Noises:

If you're like most drivers, you probably ignore those unusual noises your car makes. It's not that you're not mechanically inclined, it's just that when your car is making a noise, it's usually a sign that something needs to be fixed.

And unless you're a mechanic, chances are you don't have the tools or knowledge to fix the problem yourself. So instead of spending time and money trying to diagnose and fix the problem.

4. Ignoring Car engine Smells:

Engine smells can be a warning sign that something is wrong with your car. However, many drivers choose to ignore these smells, instead choosing to hope that the problem will go away on its own. You're driving down the road, and all of a sudden you smell something strange coming from your car engine. You may be tempted to ignore it, but that's not a good for you.


5. Buying a Used Car without a Professional Inspection Report:

If you are in the market for a used car, it is important to protect yourself by getting a professional inspection report before purchasing. A professional inspection can help you identify any potential problems with the car and negotiate a better price. However, if you decide not to get an inspection, there are some things you can do to protect yourself when buying a used car.

Buying a used car is an exciting and stressful process. There are many potential pitfalls that can lead to problems down the road. You may not know if your new purchase has some hidden issues like engine damage, transmission failure, or faulty airbags until it's too late and you're stuck with a lemon on your hands.


6. Shopping For the Lowest Price on a Brake Job:

It's no secret that car repairs can be costly. If you're on a tight budget, it's important to shop around for the best price on a brake job. Some repair shops charge more than others, so it's worth calling around and getting several quotes before deciding where to take your car. By comparison shopping, you can save yourself a lot of money.


7. Driving Car on Worn Tires:

It is a very risky decision to drive on worn tires. Not only from the risk of an accident but also from the very real possibility of being stranded somewhere because you ran out of gas.   If you have been driving on worn tires for a while without realizing it, take this opportunity to get them checked over by a professional. It's worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family's safety is in good hands when they're in your car with you.


We want you to be a safe driver and avoid auto-related injuries, but it’s not enough. Our Mechanics Near Me, at Automotive Service Center know that bad habits can lead to major car problems down the road. We shared some common unsafe driving practices that should be avoided if you want to maintain your vehicle for years to come. Whether it's routine maintenance or repair work, our team is always ready to serve Bellingham drivers like your selves.

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