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A Guide To Creating Appealingly Attractive Pillow Boxes For Gifts

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The concept of exchanging gifts has always been very special to people. From strengthening the bonds to expressing the emotions and bringing smiles to anyone’s face, giving away the gifts to friends, family, or loved ones has always been the most beautiful experience one can ever have. The excitement of the gifts does not just mean to the receiver but it means the world to the sender as well. A sender just not only looks for the most precious thing but also deeply considers the receiver’s preferences, likes, and dislikes while making the choice for the gifts. Be it any occasion wedding, anniversary, Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion, the idea of buying and sending the gifts has always been very thrilling to the sender. 

When it comes to the choice of gifts, people just not only value buying the most precious gift but also consider its packaging to add more value to the gifts. Regardless of the type of gift that is sent to the people, the sender of the gifts always makes sure to present the gift in the most appealing yet safest way to attract loved ones or families in the best way possible. However, when it comes to presenting the gifts in the most attractive packaging boxes, look no further than the Custom Printed Pillow Boxes whose pillow-shaped style not only adds appeal to the precious gifts but also provides an ultimate level of protection to the gifts. The double-sided overlapping closed panels of the pillow boxes ensure protection during the entire shipping process and deliver the gifts in the best yet protective way possible.
If you want to create your own customized pillow boxes for sending away gifts to your loved ones, ask for the following customization options from the custom packaging company for the pillow boxes to add more protection to the valuable gifts.

Step 1: material customization

Selecting the packaging material should be the first and foremost priority to add more protection to the gifts inside the pillow boxes. Always go for the packaging material that is durable, strong, and sturdy, all these properties of the packaging material will ensure the maximum protection of the product by adding more strength to it. Pick among the different packaging materials such as cardboard, corrugated, bux board, paperboard, and Kraft, etc. all of which are prominent choices for the gift packaging boxes. Make sure that the material selected for the pillow boxes has good resistance towards the external influences that will otherwise cause damage to the products. 

Step 2: size customization

Make sure whichever material is selected for the pillow boxes are flexible enough to get molded into different packaging sizes as per the requirement. Depending on the size of the product that needs to be packaged, different sizes (small, medium, and large) can opt for custom-made pillow boxes.

Step 3: printing customization

When it comes to the printing of the pillow boxes, scores of printing customization can be made to pillow boxes in terms of color and printing design. Not just this, the printing customization can also be made based on the different printing techniques. Make sure to pick among the high-quality and high-color printing techniques that ensure the best quality results on the pillow boxes. Narrow down the choice of the printing techniques between the digital printing and offset printing techniques both of which ensure the top-notch and high-color printing results. 
Regardless of the printing technique opted for, the pillow boxes can be customized into different striking colors, bespoke graphics, bewitching themes, and attractive printing designs. Moreover, printing the creative message on the pillow boxes will add more thrill and enhance the unboxing experience of the gift receivers. 

Step 4: finishing customization

When it comes to making the pillow boxes more attractive and appealing at first sight, different innovative finishing techniques such as glossing, coating, hot foil stamping, lamination, and spot UV can be applied to the pillow boxes for adding a more lustrous appeal. The shining appeal of the pillow boxes will not just add more attraction to the packaged product but also boost the unboxing experience of the receivers. 
Step 5: add-on customization

You can also ask for add-on customization to add more attraction to the pillow boxes. Adding the windows, die-cuts, ribbon closure, and other embellishments to the custom printed pillow boxes will even add an ultimate level of attraction to the pillow boxes and make the gifts look even more valuable and precious.

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