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Animal Kingdom: A visit to Kingdom of the Animals park

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Disney Animal Kingdom theme park is not an ordinary zoo, in the usual sense of the word.

The Kingdom of the Animals Park in Orlando covers an area of ​​more than 200 hectares. It is an exciting combination of a safari park with convenient infrastructure and transport, excursions along artificial rivers, an aquatic animal park, an amusement park, and a zoo in which animals provided with the most comfortable conditions.

The Animal Kingdom in Orlando is not limited to keeping cute, safe animals suitable for a contact zoo. There are also elephants, lions, rhinos and giraffes and hippos in the park. The animals have their sector, where they can walk on the savannah or hide in the forest.

What to see in Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando

For those who are keen on herpetology, I want to say that the snake sector is quite interesting and partly in contact. Unlike the beach in Sochi, no one will stick a snake in your hands – many people are afraid of snakes. But if you ask, then some inhabitants can even be touched.

For the comfort of animals, this part of the park closes before others. But already 2 hours before the closure, it will not be possible to detect the animals – they leave for their well-maintained pens and shelters from the intense heat. The best time to visit the Kingdom of the Animals Park in Florida, if you plan to look at the animals, is the morning immediately after opening and the time of feeding the animals.


The most important and keen entertainment of the Animal Kingdom in Orlando is Mount Everest. This is an analog of a roller coaster, but with a more developed plot, unexpected stops, breakdowns along the way. Seven minutes of pure adrenaline. Listen to advice and do not go to this attraction after a hearty dinner.

  • Geyser Valley Kali River Rapids.
  • Safari and Kilimanjaro – amazing close acquaintance with the inhabitants of the safari park.
  • Walk to the dinosaurs. Not only dinosaur skeletons are represented, but they also complete face reconstructions integrated into the natural environment. You can get a complete picture of how our planet looked when giant reptiles reigned on earth.

Please note that the Disney Animal Kingdom theme park has water rides, and it is better to buy raincoats in advance or wear clothes that are not afraid of getting wet. Soak really up to the thread. On the other hand, the Florida sun will dry quickly. Caution with spreading mascara and complex hairstyles.

Thematic division of the park

The park divided into seven main sectors for the maximum convenience of visitors.

  • An oasis. It includes the entrance area, here you can get a map of the park.
  • The Island of Discovery. Established in the very middle of the park. Mostly the most beautiful and safe animals are collected here. But you can’t touch them, except in a contact zoo. A symbol of the Disney Animal Kingdom theme park, the tree of life, is also here.
  • Africa. A safari park and a journey to Kilimanjaro are waiting for you!
  • Asia. The most extreme sector. An attraction with a geyser valley, river rafting, and the famous Everest are here.
  • Camp Mini and Mickey Mouse. The smallest visitors to the park will be happy to chat with cartoon characters and watch the Lion King show.
  • The territory of the dinosaurs. A place for people with strong nerves and imagination.
  • Avatar. A large-scale project dedicated to the World of Pandora.

The Kingdom of Animals in Orlando is one of the most interesting and visited parks in the world. Be careful and keep an eye on the children. The park is quite safe, but the presence of attractions and wild animals requires safety measures.

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