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Apartments for rent in New York 2020

Living in apartments in New York is becoming more and more popular. Many visitors want to enjoy the city as New Yorkers do. I do not recommend renting apartments through sites where anyone can rent their apartment, such as Airbnb.

New York Apartment Accommodation

In New York, it is illegal to rent an apartment for short periods, unless the owner lives in another room with you. This is, of course, the ideal option, but remember that if you book an entire apartment for you and your family, it is illegal. Typically, sites offer apartments owned by people who decide to rent their apartments for a short time.

Another reason why I do not recommend renting an apartment, as many tourists deceived. Either the apartment does not exist at all, or the photos do not correspond to the apartment itself. Both of these situations can ruin your vacation. In my opinion, if you want to play it safe, then you better settle in a hotel in New York.

Many visitors to the city believe that renting an apartment in New York is cheaper than renting a hotel room. The apartment itself may seem relatively cheap, but often you will have to pay for cleaning and other additional bills.

If you travel with children, renting an apartment with strangers is not a completely safe option. It often happens that in the apartment something may break, and this will ruin your vacation.

If you still decide to rent an apartment, then pay attention to the list below. The apartments on the websites below are 100% legal, as they are the property of companies that have the appropriate licenses.

Apartment Radio City

Radio City Apartments are located in the city center, close to Times Square and Radio City Concert Hall. There are various types of apartments, from studio to two-bedroom apartments. All these have a kitchenette and free Wi-Fi.

Superior Times Square Apartments

Superior Times Square Apartments located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of ​​Central Park. The interior here is quite simple, but all these are very spacious with a kitchen and wireless internet.

Apartments TEN15NYC

TEN15NYC located in the sewing area. The five-room house is just a short walk from Macy, Empire State Building, and Times Square. Choose a studio or apartment with one or two bedrooms.

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