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Book of Mormon: How to buy cheap tickets

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The Book of Mormon Broadway Tickets

To save money, buy tickets for the musical Book of Mormon before your arrival in New York. The Book of Mormon is one of the five most popular Broadway Musicals. The creators of the work are Trey Parker, Matt Stone (known as the creators of the animated series South Park) and Robert Lopez. In 2011, the show claimed 14 theater awards and won 9, including Best Musical.

Two Mormon Missionaries

The plot of the ironic musical based on a trip to Uganda, the spirit of Mormon missionaries who unsuccessfully try to convert the poorest inhabitants into their faith. Soon they will find out that not everything is as they imagined. The head of the district turned out to be homosexual, and most of the residents are blasphemers.


‘South Park’ and ‘Lion King’ (‘South Park’ and ‘Lion King’)

The Book of Mormon is a pretty funny show, with lots of playful songs and profanity. This musical is not for the faint of heart; it covers all possible topics of the taboo – AIDS, genocide, poverty, religion, and even talk about Lion King. The Book of Mormon is proof that you can make a joke from around. What else can you expect from the creators of South Park?


Purchasing Tickets for a Mormon Book Performance

If you want to laugh heartily, then the Book of Mormon is for you! The show is top-rated, and tickets are rarely available at the box office. I recommend buying tickets online before traveling to New York. You will save time and money, and most importantly, you can not worry about finding tickets when you relax.

The show is very popular and instantly sold out. I recommend buying tickets through this website. You will receive electronic tickets at no extra charge.

If you like South Park humor, you’ll love this musical. If South Park is not to your liking, then it is better to choose a different musical! This is one of the most popular musicals, and this is no coincidence. You will surely laugh without stopping. The production contains many references to the currently popular (American) culture, which makes it very understandable. This show is for nightly entertainment!

Additional Information

  • Duration of the show: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Address: Eugene O’Neill Theater, 230 West 49th Street

Book The Book of Mormon Musical Tickets

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