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Botanical Garden: Best Botanical Gardens of Texas

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Beaumont Botanical Garden

The Beaumont Botanical Garden opened in 1968. The total area of ​​the park is more than 900 square meters. In Beaumont Garden, you will see tropical plants from around the world. A picturesque waterfall, a pool with exotic fish, gardens with magnolias and camellias, as well as rose plantations. To learn how agave blossoms, to walk among the vines and palm trees. Take vivid photographs in the bosom of nature. Already a good reason to look into the Beaumont Botanical Garden to want to return here again. You can visit the Beaumont Botanical Garden without any problems. The entrance for all visitors is free.

San Antonio Garden

The beautiful botanical garden of San Antonio provides an opportunity to explore an extensive collection of several palm trees. Cacti, and other plants in a hot climate. A feature of the garden is a small garden for the blind called the Sensory Garden.

The Botanical Garden in San Antonio opened in 1980, and it built thanks to the joint efforts of citizens and local authorities for about 20 years.

Today, there are several thematic sections. One of them devoted to the collection of plants in tropical rainforests, for which glass greenhouses in the shape of pyramids built. Visitors also introduced to the amazing desert plants and typical West Texas nature. The territory of the park decorated with orchid flowers, magnificent ponds with water lilies and cocoa trees.

The garden is equipped with a convenient concert glade and a viewing platform with a tower.

Arboretum and Botanical Garden

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are one of the city’s most beautiful attractions. He opened his doors to first visitors in 1984. Therefore, thousands of tourists come here from different parts of the world every year to enjoy the amazingly picturesque gardens. The climate of Dallas allows flowers to delight visitors with their bright colors throughout the year.

On 66 acres of the garden, there is a collection of more than 2,800 unique flowers, trees, and shrubs. The arboretum is a complex of gardens, multi-level fountains and cozy gazebos.

The garden often used for various exhibitions, concerts, and festivals. Also, wedding ceremonies usually held here. The park has a restaurant where you can relax after an invigorating walk.

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