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British Columbia Attractions

The site contains the British Columbia Attractions– descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name, and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in British Columbia, where to go, and where there are popular and interesting British Columbia Attractions.

Central park

Burnaby’s central park covers 90 hectares and contains trees such as huge Douglas spruce, western hemlock, cedar, poplar, and maple. The park is known for its excellent sports and leisure facilities. There are tennis courts, an outdoor pool, a golf course, and playgrounds for children.

The stadium of the park hosts many sports, cultural, corporate events. In the park, you can take long walks, jogging, feed squirrels, and ducks. And also there are wonderful sites for a picnic and a great family vacation.

Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the largest in Canada. The collection of the gallery includes about 10,000 works of contemporary art in various directions. Including 157 works of the famous artist Emily Carter. This is the best art gallery among British Columbia Attractions.

The history of the gallery began in 1931 – then, the basis of its collection was the work of British artists. The gallery became widely known after it received the gift of an extensive collection of works by Emily Carter in 1945 and after updating and expanding in 1950. Today, its permanent exhibition covers almost 4,000 square meters and includes paintings, sculptures, dublin painting pros, photographs, prints, drawings, and other works of contemporary Canadian art. The cost of visiting is $ 17.5 for adults, $ 12.5 for students and senior citizens, and $ 6.25 for children over five years.

Maritime Museum

The British Columbia Maritime Museum dedicated to the history and legacy of Canada’s shipping. In addition to exhibits, the museum engaged in research and educational programs that encourage the study and preservation of history. This is the best place in British Columbia Attractions.

The museum’s expositions are housed in an old historical building and tell visitors. About all the subtleties of the seafaring history of the region. In total, the museum presents more than 40,000 historical photographs and over 35,000 unique exhibits. Among which you can see an extensive collection of models and drawings of ships, archives. Maps, magazines, and works of art on the marine theme. It will also be interesting to learn real stories about pirates, privateers, women at sea, sea merchants, and wrecks.

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