Cafe: Best cafes in New York to visit in 2020

Cafe: Best cafes in New York to visit in 2020

Cafe “Boathouse In Central Park”

Discover an oasis located right in the center of best cafes in New York. We are talking about the beautiful Central Park, pleasing the eyes of tourists with its vegetation, a small pond and equipped square. After a walk, you will want to have a bite to eat, and the Boathouse In Central Park cafe will help you with this, whose menu features traditional American cuisine. Hamburgers, steaks, potatoes, chicken legs in a spicy sauce – this is not the whole list of what you can taste in this beautiful institution.

The cafe is a long open pavilion supported by a series of massive columns. Since the establishment is located right on the shore of the lake, it is always fresh here, and while dining, you can watch the white swans.

In addition, Boathouse In Central Park has several boats that rented to customers for a fee. The prices are affordable, which often attracts tourists, students, as well as those who cannot afford to pay more than 20 euros for lunch.

Cafe “Argo Tea”

Argo Tea is the place where they drink tea. The cafe is very unlike most American establishments, as there is no coffee. At Argo Tea, you will find very interesting tea-based cocktails that you have never tasted. Enjoy orange earl with milk or mate tea with mint and cinnamon. The menu includes both hot tea and more typical iced tea for America.

Argo Tea offers cozy places for tea drinking. However, in the cafe, there are always a lot of students and business people with laptops and tablets who prefer to work with a cup of original tea.

At Argo Tea, you can also buy tea with you. Tea sold by weight. Along with tea, there are dishes for brewing and tea drinking, as well as desserts. One of several Argo Tea cafes located on the 1st floor of the famous Flatiron Building ironing house on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Cafe “d’Alsace.”

Cafe “d’Alsace” delights guests and residents of New York with delicious German and French dishes, as well as a beautiful interior that combines a variety of styles. The institution is very elegant, a festive atmosphere reigns here. When you get here, you forget about everyday worries for a while. A considerable role played by lighting, which is very bright in d’Alsace – there are a lot of multi-colored spotlights on the walls and ceiling, they are complemented by decorative chandeliers, which specially made to order by the best masters of New York.

Particularly noteworthy is the bar, which made in the form of a semicircle. Its main decoration is a composition of crystal glasses, which poured in many pearl shades. Perhaps the status of a “cafe” for “d’Alsace” is too modest, and it can rightly be called one of the best restaurants in New York. The local intelligentsia and powerful people gather here.

Those who like to dine in the fresh air can stay on a small but cozy veranda with a city panorama. As for the prices, they are quite high in d’Alsace, but the local atmosphere, the range of dishes and the level of service are worth it.

“Boat Basin”

Cafe Boat Basin attracts many tourists and New Yorkers with its unique interior and traditional American cuisine. It got its name due to its location near the port in Adler Bay. More precisely, it located in a depression in the center of the road ring, so we can say that the main part of the institution situated underground.

There is a relaxed atmosphere, and there is a large dance floor. The institution’s ceiling supported by massive concrete columns, and the floor tiled with colored red tiles. Lighting in the cafe “Boat Basin” organized with the help of lamps hanging on the ceiling in several rows.

In 2012, the “Boat Basin” restoration carried out, as a result of which the decoration was updated and new furniture was purchased. Prices in the cafe “Boat Basin” are probably the lowest in New York, so you can often meet young people, as well as tourists who got off the cruise ship and decided to have a portion of junk food. This place is perfect for relaxing in a noisy fun company of friends.

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