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Can artificial intelligence help improve the quality of healthcare?

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Many technological advances have been made that have changed the course of life as we see. From smartphones to laparoscopies. Technology has taken over every little thing and shaped our lives for the better. The way thrift stores have made our lives more accommodating and convenient, some people might argue the same about artificial intelligence. Flamingo vintage Austin for instance has everything from clothes to suitcases, making it easier for every people in every industry. The same way artificial intelligence is a smart tool that has evolved in every industry with added benefits. Artificial intelligence is one form of technology that makes machines learn better from experience and regulate new efforts and perform everyday human tasks. Modern examples of artificial intelligence include health care, retail, and more which have been redefined thinking rationally and acting humanly.


Artificial intelligence has improved the quality of healthcare in terms of more accurate diagnosis and better forecasts in the treatment plans and more significantly in the prevention of diseases with more medical imaging, automated clinical decision-making, diagnosis, prognosis, and 3D printing. Artificial intelligence is also there in the form of Brain-computer Interfaces (BCI) which are anticipated to help those with trouble moving, speaking, or with a spinal cord injury. The BCIs will revolutionize health care by using artificial intelligence to help these patients move and communicate by decoding neural stimulation in the body.

Artificial intelligence has upgraded the value of healthcare in the forms of chronic diseases and cancer to radiology. There are many limitless opportunities to influence technology to organize more particular, resourceful, and impactful interventions for the best patient care. It also offers advances in risk assessment, decision making, and traditional analytics in every field in healthcare. It brings the biggest impact and optimism among patients and doctors increasing the overall morale of the place. Nowadays, algorithms are already overtaking radiologists at spotting malignant tumors and regulating researchers on how to build partners for costly clinical trials.


Machine learning is one of the most common forms of AI and is an extensive technique for many approaches to AI with various versions. Natural language processing helps in making sense of human language which has been a goal of AI researchers since the 1950s. It helps with requests like speech recognition, text analysis, translation, and other activities in relation to languages. In healthcare, clinical documentation and its understanding of classification is done with the help of NLP and later on published as research. NLP systems can also depict the unformed clinical notes on patients, formulate reports more thoroughly and provide a more accurate better understanding of results. This is highly important for insurance providers as then they summarize patient case files and approve treatment plans accordingly.


Overall, I think we all can agree that artificial intelligence helps improve the quality of health care by giving better and more personalized care to patients which gives them better care at a lower cost and they support health care workers at any stage of the process, pharmacists now detect dangerous drugs interfaces more easily and quickly, surgeons perform surgeries more accurately with better assistance from robots and machinery with quick recovery for the patients undergoing it and lastly, doctors use image recognition technologies to detect the cause and diseases more automatically and more effortlessly. The powered equipment is also one of the essential things by artificial intelligence which streamline diagnostics and ensure accuracy. Research is being done daily for every aspect related to healthcare and continuing to save lives today and in the future.

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