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Chicago Parks: Best parks in chicago

There is the following list of Chicago Parks.

Hyde Park

The suburb of Chicago Hyde Park is known today primarily for two things: the famous University of Chicago and the personal household of current US President Barack Obama, in which he lived before moving to the White House.

The University is the foundation around which the life of the entire district is concentrated. The University complex comprises 250 buildings located on 210 acres from Hyde Park. This is the best park among all Chicago Parks.

Added page in the history of that region the World Exhibition of 1893, assigned to the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus. Especially for its holding, more than two hundred wooden buildings built, painted mainly in white, which looked like capital structures. By the way, the Museum of Science and Industry is still working in one of them. For those who are interested in the African roots of American history, it will be interesting to visit the DuSable Museum – this is the name of the first official resident of Chicago, born of a French sailor and a dark-skinned African slave.

For lovers of architectural “zest,” a real gift will be “Roby’s House” – the creation of Frank Lloyd Wright. And, perhaps, the main advantage of Hyde Park is a large number of green spaces, including park areas, squares, and the shore of Lake Michigan.

Lincoln parks

Lincoln Park is the most fashionable urban area of ​​Chicago, in which every second resident of the city dreams of living. People state that the peaceful, home-like streets of this area are considered the most attractive, and the vast parkland enables you to feel the unity with nature, which is so lacking in the metropolis.

Of course, the heart of the area is a park located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Looking today at its well-groomed alleys, well-thought-out park infrastructure, it isn’t very easy to imagine that there use to a public cemetery. Until the middle of the 19th century, people who died from smallpox and cholera buried here. Chicagoans drew attention to the insecurity of such a neighborhood. Subsequently, the bodies reburied, and the park territory significantly expanded.

Throughout the history of the park, the most famous architects and landscape designers took part in its arrangement. Since 1868, the Chicago Zoo has been operating here. There is a playground for archery, baseball, basketball. Part of the coastline equipped with a beach. In the Lincoln Park area is the Conservatory. The Chicago Museum of History, The Museum of Nature, and the rowing canal. Here you can see the well-known monument to Abraham Lincoln. It embodied in the metal of William Shakespeare and Hans-Christian Andersen, Karl Linnaeus, and Johann Schiller.

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