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Craigslist Miami

Renting a room from a stranger can be a scary decision, and this puts you in a very vulnerable position where you can be deceived and be homeless. There are plenty of scams on Craigslist Miami.

This is a choice that most of us would prefer not to make, but in today’s housing market and the economy of jobs, it is almost a must for most residents of Miami.

But the risk of fraud is real, and for example, you can offer you a room, pick up your deposit, and then run into problems with your landlord and the fact that they cannot rent or lease. By the time this all happened, good luck getting money.

Below are a few fraudulent Craigslist Miami rental schemes you should be aware of.

There are times when a person really cannot be a scammer, but you must be on high alert if you decide to continue with a potential rental you are not sure about.

Some scams you may encounter include:

 The Craigslist Miami scam rental

Craigslist Miami apartment scam

Craigslist Miami Housing Scams

Rent31 scam

Scam Lisarooms

My3rentals scam

A rent that seems too good to be true is often one of many fraudulent rental schemes on Craigslist Miami

Here’s how some rental scammers try to lure you. They will create a list, make a great rental, offer it at a very low price, do not require money in advance, and so on.

This is a hint that you can become a victim of fraud on Craigslist. If the landlord makes your life on lease too easy, you need to be very careful. Fraudsters often hope that someone will fall into a “big deal” and come running to them with money.

My advice on finding a rental: I always research before giving anyone money. You should check other listings in the area to see if the rent is comparable, and you should also see if the place rented. In most cases, this is not the case.

Can they charge a credit check/data check/registration fee?

Maybe. But there is a lot of fraud. A landlord is allowed to collect up to $ 30 in California for a loan fee. However, to be sure that they are not deceiving you, you have the right to confirm receipt that they used this money for verification, as well as to a free copy of the credit report at startup. If you demand these things in advance, the chances of them moving forward will take your 30 dollars and not do it, and there will be much less.

But this is a scam, and people offer rooms that they don’t just need to count on registration fees. And that’s how they pay for the apartment. Five applicants per day can be very profitable.

Ask about storage.

Many Craigslist Miami advertisements say “spacious” or “large,” and you think you can put all of your stuff in a room, but in the end, it’s usually pretty small rooms with a little closest and minimal storage space. They probably filled all the other closest ones in the house, leaving you nowhere to store your personal belongings. Therefore, be sure to ask about personal storage or be prepared to rent a storage space, get a quote here. This is important because moving from your own living space to a roommate situation can make you more crowded than you think.

Choose new neighbors wisely!

Starting with renting a Craigslist Miami room, you can already tell a lot about someone. How thorough was the announcement? Were there photographs? Did they include basic information? The convenience of the neighborhood? Etc.

Some ads are so simple that you can say that they are not very smart people. This has nothing to do with computer literacy. Anyone listing can print more information. Some do not even include rental costs, location, room size, transportation options, etc. Someone who advertises like this is very likely to be a poor choice for a neighbor. Advertising can tell a lot about someone.

How much do utilities cost?

The cost of renting a room for $ 700 can be $ 900. Who knows? Do they work non-stop? How do they expect you to help pay for their $ 150 cable box package that you don’t want to have anything to do with and never buy on your own? Do they pay for water and garbage? They try to make you pay $ 50 for Wi-Fi (I hate it when they don’t understand that it’s the Internet, and Wi-Fi is just a connection option) when the total amount is only $ 60 a month. This all adds up very quickly, so make sure that this part installed in the stone from the very beginning. Sharing utility bills can make or break a good priced room.

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