Fast Food Restaurants and brands in USA

Fast Food Restaurants and brands in USA

Everyone is fast foods lover in the world and he has a question in mind that which one is the best Fast Food Restaurants near me. If you have this(fast food near me) question in your mind. Then you came to the right place. Here I am sharing top fast foods brands in the USA.

Fast food enterprises or fast foods – this is an inexpensive foods establishment. Therefore  it has received the most extensive distribution in the world.

Especially there are many such establishments in large cities where the rhythm of life and mobility of working people is high.

The main objective of the fast foods enterprise is to quickly and inexpensively feed visitors.

From here follows the peculiarity of the organization of such enterprises. It is almost complete self-service, minimalism, and free forms in the interior design.

And most importantly, the set of technological equipment for fast foods is very specialized and specific. Such material offered by several leading world manufacturers and most of which located in the USA.

Semi-Finished Products

The main preparation of dishes based on the use of semi-finished products, which are processed or heated immediately before serving.

The preparation of semi-finished products is carried out, as a rule, in separate fast food production (factory- kitchen or workshop) and then transported to foods points.

In this regard, fast foods distinguished by a narrow menu. Because the number of food items is one or two dozen.

Also, in recent years, the special attention of entrepreneurs has attracted by the products. Therefore such food sector as hot pastries from frozen puff yeast dough. And there are many food companies offering customers frozen foods.

Equipment for fast food should have high performance and reliability. The dimensions of such material should be minimal for placement in a limited area of ​​the outlet. 

The minimization of the cost of cooking at points of sale allows the use of semi-finished products and ready-made meals prepared using Cook and Chill technology. This technology is successfully applied not only in the fast-food sector but also in restaurants and large catering companies. 

The food equipment offered by the New Line company from leading manufacturers meets all this requirement. The list of equipment for fast-food enterprises is quite impressive, depending on the type of menu, the number of visitors to the nature of the institution, the optimal material is selected, check out The specialists of the New Line company will help you with this.

The most interesting of the above equipment is Convotherm mini steam ovens and combined convection ovens with microwaves. This is high-performance equipment that provides excellent results in a minimal area.

All fast food establishments divided into two categories – street and stationary fast food.

The category of street food can include mobile trolleys, pavilions, and car buffets.

Institutions in which there is a kitchen and a room for visitors fall into the category of stationary fast foods. Naturally, such establishments are very diverse, and there is no universal rule and recommendations for organizing such business; the approach is exclusively individual.


An American corporation, the world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants. 


franchise chain of fast-food restaurants [?]. The main products sold are sandwiches and salads. Subway is positioning itself as a healthy alternative to standard fast-food chains.

Burger king 

The American company, owner of a chain of fast-food restaurants. It’s operating worldwide and have millions of customers around the globe.  


Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ). American fast-food restaurant chain. Gained fame thanks to chicken specialties fried in oil. 

Pizza hut 

A network of restaurants consisting of more than 34 thousand points in 100 countries. It specializes in the preparation of the American version of Pizza. As well as side dishes such as pasta, chicken wings, bread rolls, and garlic bread. Therefore it is the biggest pizza chain in the world. 

Domino’s Pizza 

(literally Pizza from dominoes) – an international chain of fast-foods restaurants;

the second largest after the “Pizza Hut” in the United States.

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