French restaurants: Best French restaurants in USA

French restaurants: Best French restaurants in USA

French restaurants deserve special attention, because it was here in 1762 that George Washington himself dined, which documented. So the historical significance of this place does not occupy. At Frances, you can enjoy fine stews, whose portions are more than voluminous, or clam soup, beef Wellington and other delicacies. Also, the tavern is famous for its wide selection of various desserts and a right bar. Popular among the inhabitants of these places. Here is the following list of the best French restaurants in the USA.

Balthazar French restaurants

The Balthazar restaurant, located in SoHo, is perhaps the main French restaurant in New York. The place is quite popular, and tables need to be booked in advance.

Mélisse French restaurant

Nothing means gourmet cuisine like crispy white tablecloths and servers in suits. Melissa has both. Tucked away in plain sight in Santa Monica. This French gem offers only tasting menus (starting at $ 135 per person) that emphasize quality seasonal ingredients selected by chef Josia Citrin. Recommended dishes include Maine diver scallops with black truffle sauce. Millbrook Farms venison with foie gras and porcini mushrooms, and sticky toffee pudding. The beautifully decorated food is complemented by the warm atmosphere of the dining room with a purple hue, giving visitors a completely elegant dinner. Don’t miss Citrin Egg Caviar ($ 25 supplement), a soft poached egg served in an eggshell with lemon cream and topped with American Osetra caviar. “Good” doesn’t even begin to describe it

Restaurant Le Veau d’Or

This is a classic French restaurant with all the consequences in the form of excellent cuisine. Which even sounds delicious: snails, Roquefort salad, lamb, sumptuous desserts, great French wines. The interior is a bit like a real Parisian cafe – slightly dirty, with the smell of tobacco smoke and with photographs on the walls.

Restaurant The Whisk & Ladle

For more than five years, many have been striving for this institution, but not everyone can enter. The fact is that for visiting, it is necessary not only to pre-book dinner through the restaurant’s website. But also to obtain permission from employees to visit it. The queue is so high that sometimes it takes several months to sample local pork tenderloin, smoked salmon in goat cheese or bread pudding.

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