French Rotisserie Restaurant New York Cafe

French Rotisserie Restaurant New York Cafe

The Rotisserie Restaurant In New York

Attractive bistro and bar by a famous French cook gaining practical experience in complex poultry dishes in New York. La Rotisserie Restaurant is the spot to be to appreciate gourmet menus with top chosen items, introduced by very thoroughly prepared staff to western high help principles. Ideal for business events while remaining at Chengdu Century City Intercontinental.

Real Taste we offer

The rotisserie sources heritage poultry breeds that address hundreds of years of insightful animal cultivation – the genuine meaning of “ranch to table” cooking. 

 Why do We cook Slow?

The restaurant’s slow cooking theory jelly upgrades the normal and natural flavor and surface of ingredients exceptional to their terroir. Our farmer-raised poultry breeds are cooked by experienced chefs in a way that enhances food’s real taste and is served with specific garnishing.

Our menus and discount

We offer a delicious and delightful taste in food. A range of hors D’oeuvres, special rotisserie chicken, and sauces are served at dinner. Desserts, Beer, and wine are also served as per your choices and demand. Each type of your favorite food, roasted chicken, boneless whole roasted chicken, green salad, sautéed mushrooms, and drinks are offered at discounted prices only for $$. 

We also deliver online orders and host private events as well such as Birthday parties, office parties, rehearsal dinners, and more. Dining rooms or chef tables are available for these reservations. The capacity of up to 110 guests in the dining room and up to 8 at the chef’s table is available The Rotisserie restaurant offers special business deals and tasteful western food cooked in a specific way. $$. Delivery services are also available 24/7, and reservations are made for your favorite food to enjoy with your family in your free hours. Discounts are offered as per your order reservations. Up to 25% discount is offered in café bars. 

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