Galaxy Fun Park: Best park for children

Galaxy Fun Park: Best park for children

Galaxy Fun Park

A year ago, Galaxy Fun Park, the indoor play center in north Raleigh, opened up its Moonwalk Mini Golf attraction.

Just like in any other mini golf game, you’ll find various obstacles as you move along the 18-hole course. There’s a straight shot here. A tricky one there. And an almost impossible one as you go further along.

But unlike most other courses, this one is indoors, making it a perfect spot on cold winter days or blazing hot summer afternoons. And, to the absolute delight of the kids I took with me not that long ago, it’s lit with black lights and glowing with bright fluorescent colors.

The course features a space theme. So you’re greeted by an astronaut and hit your ball around and through various aliens or landing modules.

The kids in my group especially loved the obstacles that involved a conveyor belt that moves your ball along. Find here Big Bear Luxury Cabin. At another hole, the goal was to aim your ball toward the long tongue and mouth of some kind of snake-like creature.

At the 18th hole, players have a chance to activate an “alien creature” if they get a hole in one. Sadly, our group didn’t include any ace mini golfers.

The course is pretty dark, and there were a couple of times when somebody in our group almost tripped. We kept a close eye on my mom, who sometimes isn’t so steady on her feet. But it was a fun way to spend 30 minutes or so (and a nice break from the spinning bumper cars, which were the clear favorites with our group).

A game of golf at Moonwalk Mini Golf is $8 per game. Kids under three are free with a paying adult. Galaxy Fun Park is at 14460 Falls of Neuse Rd., Raleigh.

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