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Hollywood: The famous area in Los Angeles

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Hollywood is the central symbol of the movie industry in the United States, famous around the world for movies and television series, as well as the most popular area for tourists in Los Angeles. There are many interesting sights here, such as the famous Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theater, and the Hollywood Bowl open-air concert hall, as well as the world-famous Dolby Theater, which hosts the annual Academy Awards. There are also many stand-up shows, and bars and nightclubs are bursting with visitors.

Hollywood District

The Santa Monica Hills, on which the city of Illusions and Dreams – Los Angeles grew, is entirely occupied by the mansions of wealthy locals. Beautiful streets, not so neat and cozy as in Venice, but with their charm, clearly and loudly say – miracles happen here! White houses are so full of charisma that at some point, there is a feeling that time stopped in the 20s of the last century, and all the legends associated with the mansions of the stars are ready to come to life.

How to get to Hollywood from Los Angeles by bus

Having driven on two buses (733 and 217), I got from Venice to Hollywood! It’s like on a completely different planet. For the sake of a single day, I even changed the hostel to make it more convenient. 

Walking around Hollywood – my impressions 

All the magic and fabulousness of the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard, which is as bright and noisy as the Strip in Las Vegas, did not affect me. If your name decorated with a star, you no longer belong to yourself.

The lack of a car did not stop me from seeing Hollywood, albeit from an unusual perspective. I was surprised by how huge this Los Angeles area is. For some reason, I thought it was tiny and easy to get around on foot in a few hours. This is another illusion!

Without a car, you are nobody here, and you are an occasional tourist who does not deserve his star, does not settle on a hill, and does not die, frozen in his image. But strangely enough, workers in the factory of stars work the most and receive less than others. At least the balance of income and embezzlement is not in favor of life.

And so I talk about the little that is alive here: about clubs, about trees and flowers.

There is a strangely quiet Hollywood, where there are no visitors.

Hotels in Hollywood

To see the main attractions of Hollywood, it is better to choose a hotel in this area of ​​Los Angeles. However, booking the most reliable and most affordable options is in advance, as they took apart pretty quickly.

  • Affordable Hollywood hotel prices range from $ 100 to $ 200, like Holiday Inn Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Comfortable four stars will cost at least $ 250 per night.
  • We stayed in a pretty cozy motel a couple of minutes from the Avenue of Stars. This is the most convenient place for traveling by car, as there is free parking. Relatively spacious and clean rooms for only $ 100, excellent soundproofing, early morning, there is a small breakfast.

Review of Hollywood and what else you need to know about the USA

I liked Hollywood and other parts of the City of Angels so much that I decided to put together my guide to Los Angeles. It described in detail everything that can be useful to tourists in this fantastic city.

Continuing my US route

The famous Hollywood has another drawback: there is no ocean! Therefore, I sent him in search of San Diego, and then to where the Pacific Ocean is so beautiful that it remains only to observe in silence and submit to its silent power. And this is Hawaii.

Independent travel across the USA

On this trip, I had a task – to travel around the United States on a budget, that is, economically and inexpensively. This is also possible if you live in hostels and travel on buses or fly low-cost.

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