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Are you going to go to the US capital? Then our article on which hotel in Washington to choose is useful to you. It will tell you in detail where to stay in Washington DC, and also share useful tips about Washington hotels in different areas.  How to find the right hotel for you from more than 300 accommodation options and where to book it yourself. We ourselves have already visited Washington, so we are well aware of the high prices there and how to choose the right room in a suitable (preferably new and clean) hotel with good reviews. So that you can remember your trip to America for a long time. We recommend the best rated 4 and 5 star Washington hotels near the White House and the Capitol. Cheap hotels with parking at metro stations and where it is best to spend the night near the airport in the District of Columbia.

Washington Hotels

Washington hotels are the most convenient places for tourists who come to see the US capital. In 2018, this city considered one of the most expensive in America, and housing prices here are even higher than in hotels in New York. Nevertheless, if desired, each traveler can find a hotel in Washington in accordance with his budget.


In general, hotels in Washington are quite expensive. The price range is very wide, from $ 80 to $ 500 for a regular room, depending on the category of the hotel and its location. Luxury apartments will cost more than $ 700 per day.

  • The price for a room in Washington hotels is on average $ 150-250 per day.
  • A good hotel in the center will cost more, at least 200 USD for 1 day (not including taxes).
  • Unlike the even more expensive New York City, finding a hotel in Washington for less than $ 100 is pretty easy. 

In which area of ​​Washington is it better to choose a hotel

Washington is the capital of the United States and one of the most convenient cities in America, which is located in the District of Columbia (DC) and is not part of any state. Unlike the huge Los Angeles, it is quite compact, with well-organized transport. It will be convenient to stay here in almost any area. But it is better closer to the metro station to quickly travel by train to the city center. However, it should be borne in mind that for example in such a well-known area as Georgetown. There is not a single metro station, because of which you will have to go there by taxi or bus.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel 5 *

It is important to know: The most convenient hotels in Washington, in addition to Downtown (Downtown), are located in the East End (East End) and West End (West End). These areas are located on both sides of the National Mall – a pedestrian-park zone. In which the main attractions of Washington (museums, galleries, and memorials) are concentrated. Hotel prices here are quite high, as they are all very popular with tourists because of their favorable location. An additional attraction is the availability of metro stations.

  • Downtown Washington hotels are best chosen in Downtown, located north of the White House. There are cool five-star hotels like Mayflower and cheaper housing options – Capital Hilton, Morrison Clark Inn.
  • Finding a small budget hotel in the West End is almost impossible, as businessmen like to settle in this area of ​​Washington. They are comfortable living closer to K Street, which houses the offices of many large international companies. But the choice of large high-class hotels is quite large – for every taste and budget.
  • Hotels in East End are generally cheaper (from $ 99 ), because it is a rather lively area near the central station, although within walking distance to the main attractions of the National Alley, find more info at https://www.adl-usa.com/. Chinatown is also located here, and there are many bars, restaurants, and cafes on the streets. You can sleep cheaply at the Washington Court Hotel or at the Phoenix Park Hotel.

Tip: To save the budget of your trip to Washington, it’s best to choose a hotel a little further from the center, for example, a little to the north – in the Dupont Circle area or to the east – not far from Capitol Hill. It will better for those who come to Washington DC by car. Due to the cheaper hotel parking (from $ 25). Since you will have to pay an additional $ 50 and more for parking your car in the center.

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