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Houston Airports: Complete list of

Houston Airports

Here is the complete list of Houston Airports. There are two airports in Houston. So, check the following list of airports to travel.

George W. Bush International Airport

George W. Bush International Airport is an international airport located in Houston, Texas, USA. He currently handles charter and scheduled flights within the United States. As well as international routes to Canada, Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean, Central Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Europe.

According to statistics, in 2009, 43,176,479 passengers took advantage of the airport. Which allowed it to take 8th place in the list of the busiest Houston Airports in the United States.

The airport was opened in 1969 and is designed to serve passenger flights at William P. Hobby Airport. Currently, five terminals operate here, two of which work in the general direction.

The airport has a surface rail called TerminaLink. Therefore, It connects the terminals and delivers passengers to the arrival building. 

There are also buses and minibusses running hourly here.

William P. Hobby Houston Airports

William P. Hobby Airport is a civilian airport located in Houston, Texas, USA. This is the best airport among all Houston Airports. It founded in 1927, and until 1969 served. So, the main airport of the city until the Houston Intercontinental Airport was opened. Though, its area covers 5.3 square kilometers. It has four runways that allow you to receive aircraft of any class.

In 2010, William P. Hobby Airport served approximately 9 million passengers. Only one Central Terminal operates here, equipped with 26 landing exits, 17 of which used by Southwest Airlines. Therefore, the following airlines also operate regular flights from Hobby Airport. Though, AirTran Airways, JetBlue Airways, Vision Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and others start flights.

Currently, William P. Hobby Airport operates flights to the following destinations – Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Charleston (South Carolina), Charlotte and Chicago. Its infrastructure is developed at a high level, and there are comfortable waiting rooms, restaurants. A pharmacy and exchange points, as well as left-luggage offices.

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