How To Calculate Gratuity in UAE | New Labour Law 2024

Gratuity, a significant component of employee benefits, is a token of appreciation for an individual’s service to an organization. How to Calculate Gratuity in UAE recent updates to the labor law have introduced changes to the calculation of gratuity payments.

Staying well-informed about these changes is essential for both employers and employees to ensure accurate and compliant gratuity calculations. In this guide, we’ll explore the updated approach to calculating gratuity in the UAE according to the new labor law, while keeping in mind the best practices for SEO and readability. “How to Calculate Gratuity in UAE”

how to calculate gratuity in uae

The Evolving Landscape: New UAE Labour Law

The UAE’s new labor law has brought about revisions to several employment-related aspects, including gratuity. It’s important to note that these changes are designed to enhance fairness, transparency, and employee welfare. One of the primary modifications pertains to the formula used for calculating gratuity, ensuring a more equitable approach that considers an employee’s entire length of service.

Cracking the Code: The Revised Gratuity Calculation Formula

If we talk about How to Calculate Gratuity in UAE. Under the new UAE labor law, the gratuity calculation formula has been refined to better honor an employee’s commitment and tenure. The new formula is as follows:

Gratuity = (21 days’ wage for each year of the first five years) + (30 days’ wage for each subsequent year)

Here, the “wage” denotes the employee’s last drawn basic salary, and the total number of years of service is used to compute the gratuity payment.

A Case in Point: Understanding the Revised Calculation

Let’s illustrate the new gratuity calculation formula with an example. Consider an employee with a basic salary of AED 12,000 per month and a total service duration of 8 years and 3 months.

  • Gratuity = (21 days × 5 years) + (30 days × 3 years)
  • Gratuity = (21 × 5) + (30 × 3)
  • Gratuity = 105 + 90
  • Gratuity = AED 195 per day × 8 years (approx.)
  • Gratuity = AED 70,800

In this scenario, the employee’s gratuity entitlement under the new law would amount to approximately AED 70,800.

how to calculate gratuity in uae

Exceptions and Considerations

While the new formula offers a more generous approach to calculating gratuity, certain exceptions and considerations still apply:

  1. Incomplete Years: If an employee has worked for a fraction of a year, it’s calculated proportionally. For instance, if an employee has worked for 8 years and 4 months, the calculation will account for 8 years and 4/12 of a year.
  2. Resignation: If an employee resigns after completing one year of service but before completing five years, they are entitled to receive a gratuity for the years served.
  3. Termination for Cause: In the case of termination due to gross misconduct, employees may forfeit their right to gratuity.
  4. Fixed-Term Contracts: Employees on fixed-term contracts receive gratuity at the end of the contract, based on the completed years of service.
  5. Limited Contracts: For limited contracts of two years or less, the gratuity calculation is adjusted. The gratuity is calculate at a rate of 21 days’ basic wage per year for the first five years and 30 days’ basic wage per year there after.

Ensuring Compliance and Fairness

Compliance with the updated labor law is crucial for employers and employees alike. Incorrect gratuity calculations can result in legal repercussions and financial liabilities. Employers must meticulously calculate and disburse gratuity payments to avoid legal complications and maintain employee trust. Employes, on the other hand, should be aware of their entitlements to ensure they receive the rightful gratuity amount.


In light of the new UAE labor law, the process of gratuity calculation. Has evolved better to reflect an employee’s dedication and years of service. The refined formula accounts for the entire length of service, ensuring a fair and equitable approach How to Calculate Gratuity in UAEproach to gratuity payments. Employers must embrace these changes to comply with the law and uphold ethical standards, fostering a positive work environment. Understanding the new calculation process empowers employees to receive the gratuity they rightfully deserve. As the UAE continues to evolve, staying informed about labor law updates remains paramount. Safeguarding employers’ and employees’ rights and welfare.

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