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Mexico City Hospitals

Known worldwide for its medical services and the growth of new facilities and services, Mexico recognized as having a number of modern Mexico City Hospitals compared to the best in the world, with accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI).

The largest and most prestigious medical center in Mexico City is Medica Sur Mexico City. Founded in 1981, this 203-bed. Therefore JCI accredited center performs approximately 9,200 operations with medical personnel annually, numbering about 2,500 doctors, surgeons, and nurses. The hospital received JCI accreditation in 2014.

In 2013, Medica Sur went through a rigorous review process at Mayo Clinic and became the first international member of the Mayo Clinic Network. Therefore, this relationship allows Medica Sur doctors to work with Mayo Clinic doctors to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients.

So, Medica Sur offers concierge services to its international patients through the International Patient Services Office to provide communications and personalized services to meet the needs of patients best. The hospital offers escort for you during your stay and departure from the hospital, and also provides patients who undergo surgery with free transportation. Therefore, it provides local travel coordinators to help foreign patients on their medical trips. Patients can get a second opinion for free as part of the Mayo Clinic Network.

Hospital of Jesus of Nazareth

The Hospital of Jesus of Nazareth and the nearby church form a complex.

The hospital founded in 1954.

This is the best hospital among Mexico City Hospitals.

The building has an original shape and hidden under a modern facade—the hospital courtyard decorated with Tuscan-style columns. To our time, the original stairs have preserved, near which a bust of Cortes, made by Manuel Tolsa, installed. The building also houses a portrait of this historical figure. According to history, the hospital and church built with funds from Hernan Cortes to help Mexican natives.

The Hospital of Jesus of Nazareth reconstructed in the middle of the 20th century, and a different architectural design used. The walls are painted by Orozco and depict scenes of meetings between natives and Spaniards.

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