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Museums in Austin: Best Museums in Austin to visit in 2020

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Museums in Austin

Austin has a great history and there are very old Museums in Austin. These are great places to visit with family. There is the following list of the best Museums in Austin.

Austin Museum of Art

The Austin Museum of Art founded in 1961. Immediately after creation, he presented his visitors with art exhibitions and some educational programs. In the future, the museum’s management planned to move to the city center and create an art center there. Still, after unsuccessful attempts, it decided to merge several separate museums into one, which soon appeared under the name Austin Art Museum.

Currently located in the city center, it is aimed at the general public. From four to six exhibitions held annually, the main themes of which are educational programs and contemporary art. The art museum itself holds shows, as well as organizes visiting exhibitions. The aim of the museum is to highlight the connection of virtual art forms with modern life.

In 2006, the so-called “family club” was launched. This project allows families to create their own works of art, which will then be presented in the museum.

Texas Memorial Museum

The Texas Memorial Museum is located in one of the buildings of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and is open to all comers. This is one of the best museums among Museums in Austin.

The main exhibits of the museum are dinosaurs, fossils, wild animals, stones, and minerals. In the museum’s paleontological laboratory, visitors have the opportunity to interact with scientists who work with fossil finds.

Of particular interest among the exhibits deserve fossils, including the most massive flying creature ever found in these places. Its wingspan is 12 meters.

This museum is of particular interest to children. This is an ideal place where they can come into contact with the ancient world of dinosaurs and get an unforgettable experience. What is only one leg of the Mosasaur dinosaur, who lived on the earth at a time when Texas still underwater? This is one of the thousands of prehistoric fossils for which children brought here.

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