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Museums in San Jose: Best Museums to visit

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Museums in San Jose

If you are fond of visiting museums then you came to the right place. Here is the following list of the best Museums in San Jose.

Museum of Computer History

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View established in 1996.

His collection includes over 100,000 objects, including photographs and films, as well as a large number of documents and software. Here you can see several generations of Cray supercomputers, the first Apple-1 personal computer and one of Google’s earliest server options. A fascinating exhibit the mechanical operating machine of Charles Babbage built according to his drawings more than 150 years ago. This is the best Museum among Museums in San Jose.

There is a particular recovery program for old computers. Museum workers and volunteers restored IBM 1620 in 1960, 1959 PDP-1, and others. 

A large section is devoted to the history of computer chess from 1945 to 1997. A separate museum exposition tells about inventions made in the Silicon Valley, located nearby.

Most of the museum’s collections are available on the Internet.

Rosencruiser Museum of Ancient Egypt

The Rosicrucian Museum of Ancient Egypt founded in 1927. The museum complex includes several buildings built in the style of ancient Egypt and located in a picturesque park. The museum founded by Order of the Rose and the Cross, which supports the museum to this day. This teaching came from Ancient Egypt, gradually spreading to European countries.

The founder of the museum, Dr. Harvey Lewis, led the Order at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1921, he donated the money of the Order to organize an archaeological expedition in Egypt. The return, part of the found artifacts transferred by the Egyptian government to the Order and delivered to the United States. In 1928, Dr. Lewis presented his collection of antiquities to the community in the city of San Jose. Gradually, the museum’s collection grew. The son of Dr. Lewis built a complex of buildings for the museum and founded the park.

The museum has four expositions: “The Practice of the Burial and Mummies of Ancient Egypt”, “Gods and Religion”, “Kings and Pharaohs”, as well as “Daily Life, Trade and Relations with the Neighboring States”. Here, the ancient Egyptian tomb recreated in detail and real mummies are exhibited, as well as artifacts used in religious rituals. The most famous exhibits: a stone statue of Cleopatra IIV, a statue of the goddess of fertility and procreation Tart and the mummy of a child.

San Jose Museum of Art

The San Jose Museum of Art is relatively young – it founded in 1969 but actively working to replenish its collections. The main concept of the museum is the combination of contemporary art by artists of the Pacific coast of America and the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley. It is the only museum in San Jose accredited by the American Museum Association. Such recognition received only by 750 museums in the USA out of 8,000.

The old wing of the museum building built-in 1892 in the city center as a post office. Then it was used for a long time by the city library, and in 1969 the Gallery of Fine Arts was located in it. In 1973, this building listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The new wing of the museum, which houses the main expositions, built-in 1991.

The museum’s collection includes more than 2000 works: paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, and drawings, as well as digital multimedia works and installations. Here are the works of the famous abstract expressionist Philip Gaston, interesting works by Bill Viola, sculptures of horses from the fragments of metal, wood and plastic Deborah Butterfield and many others.

San Jose Children’s Research Museum

Children’s Research Museum is located in the city of San Jose, California, USA. This museum ranks 5th among the best science centers in the world in the London Observer ranking. The museum began to work in 1990. Over the years, 6 million people have visited him. The museum building has an unusual design, shimmering in all shades of purple.

The museum aims to create innovative exhibits that encourage a child or teenager to do independent research. This museum has collected more than 150 interactive exhibits, several research programs for schoolchildren, a Mammoth Discovery exhibition is open, where visitors can excavate, stack the mammoth’s skeleton, and also meet with scientists who found the remains of mammoths near the San Jose Airport.

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