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San Francisco Marine National Historic Park

San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park is an open-air museum that includes several interesting sites: Hyde Street Marina, Visitor Center, National Maritime Museum, and Maritime Museum Library.

Hyde Street Marina is located in a waterfront area in the northeast of the city called Fisherman’s Wharf. One of San Francisco’s main tourist attractions. The following historic vessels moored at Hyde Street Marina: the 1886 Balclutha sailboat, the 1895 CA Thayer schooner. The 1890 Eureka ferry, the 1891 Alma schooner, the 1907 Hercules tugboat, and the 1914 Eppleton tugboat tug. Tourists can board these ships, inspect the cabins, engine room, captain’s cabin. Listen to the guides’ stories about the naval history of these places appreciate the life of the sailors and they’re difficult, full of danger service. In addition, there are many small marine vessels from the end of the year. Before last – the beginning of the previous century. This is the best marine national historic park in san Francisco. 

Museum building

A minute’s walk from the marina is the museum building, which tells about the history of navigation, the arrangement of sailing ships, steamboats, modern sea liners, and also demonstrates the technical structure of lighthouses. There are temporary exhibitions, for example, the history of radio or television. This is the best museum.

The visitor center is located in a 4-story brick building on the corner of Hyde Street and Jefferson Street. This building built-in 1909. As a storage room on the waterfront, and in 1975 it included in the US National Register of Historic Places. Inside are the remains of shipwrecked ships, as well as other exhibits, such as a Fresnel lens for a lighthouse.

The scientific library includes documents from 1520 to the present. Including many archival records of shipbuilders and shipowners, as well as architectural drawings for the construction of 120,000 ships and about 5,000 maps.

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