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Nature Reserves: Best Alaska Nature Reserves

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Katmai Alaska National Park and Nature Reserves

Katmai National Park located in Alaska, USA. The Arctic territory around the eponymous stratovolcano Kathmay taken under state protection. After the signing by the US Congress of the relevant document in December 1980.

The national park occupies the entire coastline of the Shelikhov Strait. The Aleutian Peninsula, and part of the territory located north of Lake Nanak.

The central role of the reserve is a majestic active volcano. On the left-hand slope of which there is a glacier. The height of the volcano is more than 2000 meters, and the diameter is 10 km. During the last and most powerful eruption in 1912, a volcanic lake formed with muddy green water. The same explosion destroyed the pine forest on the western slope of the volcano. Turning it into a valley of a thousand smokes therefore fountains of hot steam and gases.

The Brooks River annually attracts tourists who dream of looking at the exciting and fascinating spectacle of brown bear fishing. Alaska is home to the largest population of these animals in the world.

Misty Fjords Nature Reserve

A unique attraction of Alaska is a corner of wildlife called “Misty Fjords.” Which has been a US national reserve since 1978. The park stretches for 64 kilometers along the southeast coast of the state, and its area is 9.5 thousand square kilometers.

Among the many mountain peaks, raging rivers intertwine with small glaciers. Impenetrable forests, sky-blue lakes, and waterfalls shrouded in light fog make up an untouched masterpiece of breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Wildlife represented by 120 species of arctic and subarctic plants and animals, including rare and endangered ones.

Due to the remoteness of this area, most visitors get here on. A  cruise ship or a tourist seaplane from the cities of Ketchikan or June. There are about 10 thousand trails and sightseeing routes. Visitors offered hiking, boating, biking, horse riding, and fishing. 

Extreme lovers can go climbing and kayaking under the supervision of experienced instructors.

The Misty Fjords Nature Reserve will not leave anyone indifferent and ideal for family vacations.

Anchorage Coastal Reserve

Anchorage Coastal Reserve, established in 1917, extends 16 kilometers along the coastline between Potter Creek and Woronzof. Its territory is represented by swampy areas, alternating with meager forests, and tidal floodplains with glacial silt. This is the best nature reserve among other Alaska Nature Reserves.

More than 130 species of birds and about 150 species of animals live here. BUT the reserve is a refuge for the Arctic and subarctic animals, including those listed in the Red Book. From mid-April to the end of May, a considerable number of migratory birds gather here. Such as swans, geese, cranes, waders, and many others. The noise from such “bird markets” is heard for several kilometers. The reserve conducts a considerable scientific activity on the study and conservation of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

In most of the reserves, public access limited, as some trails through forests and glacial floodplains can dangerous for tourists. In the open area for visitors, you can go hiking, fishing, or watch animals and birds.

It offers campers, a hotel and several cafes where you can eat and relax. The reserve is a popular vacation spot with locals and guests of Anchorage.

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