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Navy Pier is considered one of the most attractive places in Chicago. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents come here to enjoy various events, art exhibitions, watch the water and air shows, shop at souvenir shops, have fun in open night clubs, participate in water races, watch international water events, and relax in peace lunch cruises or explosive parties on yachts.


Best time to visit

Summer and autumn days and evenings, winter holidaysIn front of the Pier, you can not miss the skyscraper of an unusual shape, and Lake Point Tower is the only skyscraper in the eastern part of downtown, one of the most famous business cards of the city. At the time it erected, it was the tallest residential building in the world, 196.5 m. In Chita, Lake Point Tower became the first residential complex with its playing field, waterfall, pond, and ten sq.m. park area. There is also a dry cleaning service for residents, a wide selection of shops and restaurants. The skyscraper has become the home of many great films: Raw Deal, Straight Talk, While You Were Sleeping, Meet the Parents, and others.

To the left of the entrance to Navy Pier in the park Gateway, emphasizing the beauty of the Chicago coast is a fountain that beats jets of water from 100 ducts and holes 60 meters high. There a winding center near Getaway Park fountain, and sensors installed throughout the park, and their readings help the fountain adjust to changes in winds.


In the middle of the park, there is a statue in honor of the famous and beloved hero of a TV show and comedian named Bob Newhart. Even now, on many channels, you will find an episode of an old show. Just say passing by, “Hi, Bob! “A popular phrase by Bob Newhart. If someone responded, they must drink. These words have become iconic in drinking games across the country.

Balloon Rides

At the right edge of the park closer to the coast, guests offered balloon rides. The balloon lifts to 17 passengers at a time to a height of 35 floors above the water. Even people with a fear of heights speak of this experience as the most beautiful and unforgettable memory in their life.

Approaching the Pier, you will be met Captain at the helm. The sculpture erected on May 19, 2000, in honor of all the brave sailors who steered and control ships on the troubled waters of Michigan, in storm and rain, carrying goods and people, in memory of those whose contribution everyone should value and remember. Sculptor Michael Martino.

You will be impressed with a chic Crystal Garden, six floors high, with glass walls and ceiling, with more than 30 fountains and palm trees. And if you have a desire to celebrate a celebration in this beautiful place, Crystal Garden offers such services. 

Museums at Navy Pier

There are two museums on the territory of Navy Pier, interesting for people of any age. Children’s Museum Chicago Children’s Museum – is three floors of fun and interactive educational exhibitions and entertainment, where children not only play but also develop. And the second, located deep in the Pier, is considered a real treasure of Chicago – Smith Museum of Stained Glass Window s.

Chicago Children’s Museum built-in 1982 at the initiative of The Junior League of Chicago. The Junior League was preoccupied with the lack of public schools. It decided to create the opportunity to raise and educate children outside the school system. This is the fourth largest museum in the United States for children. It has an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. Every year it receives more than 500,000 visitors, offering them a gallery of art. An exhibition with dinosaurs, inventive laboratories, design and art workshops, a forest, and a garden of urban fantasies. There is even a Kids Town. Where every child can feel like an adult, shopping at the grocery store or driving around the city by bus, and solving various problems, as in any residential area.

Smith Museum of Stained Glass, The Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, opened in 2000, the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to stained glass art. It presents more than 150 works of various eras. And the museum is free! Moreover, you can come here with lunch or ice cream, because this one of the few museums in which it allowed to bring food and eat.

Theaters at Navy Pier

The six-story building, Navy Pier’s IMAX Theater is the city’s most massive screen and delights viewers with 2D and 3D films. The cinema has a capacity of 440 people and is open all year round.

Behind him, further down the Pier, is the Tony-Awards honorary theater prize winner – the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The repertoire of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater has a wide selection of performances throughout the year, about 600 productions, from classical to contemporary productions. The Hall designed for 510 spectators.

Next to it a sculpture of the famous and beloved Juliet – the very one from Verona donated to the inhabitants of Chicago by an unknown sculpture from this beautiful Italian city. In 1994, an open-air rooftop theater, the Skyline Stage, was built under the Navy Pier development project. The theater, with a capacity of 1,500 spectators, hosts various concerts, dance, and ceremonial performances.

Ferris wheel and rides Navy Pier

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities at the Pier. The Navy Pier brand has become the Ferris Wheel or translated Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, which is 45 meters high. It is also known as the Big Wheel. A ride on a wheel is 8 minutes of admiring the views of city landscapes. They say it’s worth repeating the walk one evening when the lights of Chitown lit. The Ferris Wheel was modeled immediately after the debut of the world’s first Wheel, demonstrated at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

Lovers of “butterflies in the stomach” will enjoy the Wave Swinger attraction, which also offers magnificent views of the Pier, Lake Michigan, and the city. A decorative pond surrounds the attraction 12 meters high, fountains will lift you and another 85 passengers to a height of 4.5 meters and will circle for 3 minutes.

For those younger, the charming Musical Carousel and Light Tower Ride set. Specially designed for Navy Pier horses, frogs, and 36 other types of animals of manual coloring introduce the features of American folk art. Many people of different roots were involved in carousel production, and children painted some animal models. European immigrants have combined their ideas and experience to create a new unique American-style carousel. Other attractions include 5D rides, Amazing Chicago’s Funhouse Maze “laughter room,” mini-golf, remote control of mini-boats, as well as sea battle – all this while the sky illuminated by weekly free fireworks shows (all summer).

Cruises and architectural tours from Navy Pier

Navy Pier is the marina of Chicago’s most popular tourist cruises and pleasure boats. Every day, coastal or structural tours from Shoreline Sightseeing offered. As well as special seasonal offers, including fascinating stories about the history of the city. Its famous sights with breathtaking views from the lake.

The Odyssey, Mystic Blue and Spirit of Chicago all year round offer breakfast walks, lunch cruises, and invites you to enjoy dinner. And if you are looking for something more dynamic, then you will be pleased with the offer from Seadog Cruises – walks with a breeze on motorboats. And history buffs at this time would love to board the Chicago ship itself, called Tall Ship Windy.

cafes and restaurants

Live music stands out Landshark Beer Garden. Five nights a week, the music of all genres from leading artists of the city plays here. Guests offered drinks and food, dancing, fireworks, and just a fun pastime. All under the sun’s rays or evening starry sky. It believed that it is here that the best places in the city located for viewing summer salutes over Navy Pier.

Cafe Billy Goat Tavern & Grill is famous for its legend. Returning to 1930, the first Billy Goat tavern across the street. from the Chicago baseball stadium and founded by an immigrant from Greece named William Sianis. But everyone knew him as Billy Goat, nicknamed him because Billy kept a goat in his pets. Stop by to quench your thirst and grab a snack at the Billy Goat Tavern. But only if you’re not a fan of Chicago Cubs! The one who cursed the Chicago Cubs founded this place. Why cursed? , he not allowed to go to the stadium with a goat.

If you look at the Pier from the side of the lake, the first building that opens to the eye is the Round Hall or Grand Ballroom. It’s built-in 1916 for the entertainment of residents and visitors that arrived on ships. After World War II, the Hall lost its owners and stood idle for a long time. But in 1975, by the decision of the city, this place came to life again. It gave new birth to everything Navy Pier. Twenty-five meters high, with 3000 lights on the ceiling. The Hall designed for 1100 visitors and use for various public and private events. From exhibitions, ballroom dances and cultural performances to concerts and weddings.

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