New York Island: Best Islands in New York to visit in 2020

If you want to visit New York then see below  list of best Islands in New YorkThese are the best New York Islands in the USA.

Roosevelt Island Bridge

Roosevelt Island Bridge is a drawbridge over the East River Strait connecting New York’s Queens area and Roosevelt Island. This bridge is the only way to get to the island for cars and pedestrians. The bridge opened in 1955.

Currently, Roosevelt Island Bridge is a relatively small steel structure consisting of three spans. The total length of the bridge is 878 meters, width – 12 meters. 

It consists of a two-lane roadway, on both sides of which are pedestrian walkways. The bridge traffic per day is 10.5 thousand cars. Passage of vessels along the strait is provided only when the bridge is entirely raised. Therefore large ships mainly pass through the west sleeve of the East River.

The bridge offers scenic views of the canal against the backdrop of New York, which attracts residents and visitors.

Roosevelt Cable Car

Roosevelt Island Cable Car is a New York cable car suspended in 1976. Cabins ply over the East River Canal between Manhattan and Roosevelt.

The length of the cable car is 940 meters, the working speed of the booths is 29 kilometers per hour, the highest climb is 75 meters. The capacity of the cabin is 125 people, and about 115 trips made per day. The cable car runs parallel to the Queensboro Bridge, located to its left. Two booths run at intervals of fifteen minutes from six in the morning to three in the morning. Over the years, the cableway has existed, about 26 million passengers have used it.

The booths equipped with everything necessary in case of emergency – there is a first-aid kit, water, food, and blankets.

From the window of the booths, a bird’ s-eye view offers a beautiful view of New York, so the road is very popular with residents and visitors.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island since 1976 is open to tourists as the Museum of Immigration. It was once the only immigrant reception center in the United States. The first wave of US immigration begins in 1814. In 1846, there was a maximum influx of immigrants – more than 1 million people per year.

In subsequent years, regulations appeared on Ellis Island that some citizens should not come to the United States. A particular, prostitutes and criminals forbade in 1875 and anarchists in 1903. It also introduced a literacy test for immigrants, which ran until 1952.

In 1924, immigration acted passed on Ellis, according to which an annual quota of 164,000 people from Europe introduced. Immigration from Asia was then practically banned. In 1950, a law on internal security was passed, according to which it was impossible to enter the United States to people associated with communist or fascist organizations.

In 1954, an immigrant reception center on Ellis Island closed. Today it acts for visitors as a museum of the history of the significant immigration to the United States. You can see from the Ellis Island side with a free ferry departing for Staten Island.

North Brother Island

North Brother Island is located very close to the port of Morris, in New York, but is currently in an abandoned state. In this form, it is already about fifty years old, but it has not always been so.

North Brother Island once used as a quarantine zone, or rather, a quarantine hospital, to isolate people suffering from infectious diseases from society.

Thus, the Riverside Infectious Disease Hospital moved to the island in 1885.

“Typhoid Maria” – this is the name of the girl who was a carrier of typhoid fever, she accused of having infected more than 50 people. In 1915, Maria sent to the North Brother Island, where she spent the rest of her life, where she died of pneumonia in 1938.

After the Second World War, the question arose as a lack of housing and the island given to war veterans as a temporary residence. After this problem eliminated, the island turned into a rehabilitation center – those people who visited the island said that drug addicts brought there.

By the 1960s, due to the inefficiency of the center, it was closed. And now, since 1963, the government does not know how to use the island, what to build on it. Many development programs have put forward, but not a single one has come to real life.

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