Nova Scotia Waterfalls: Best waterfalls to visit in 2020

Nova Scotia Waterfalls: Best waterfalls to visit in 2020

Nova Scotia Waterfalls

The site contains Nova Scotia Waterfalls – descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name, and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Nova Scotia Waterfalls, where to go, and where are the popular and interesting Nova Scotia Waterfalls.

Uisge Ban Falls Cascading Waterfall

Uisge Ban Falls Cascading Waterfall is located in Uisage Ban Falls Provincial Park, nine miles north of the Baddeck settlement. This is one of the best Nova Scotia Waterfalls.

The name of the waterfall is translated from the Gaelic language as “white water.” The official name of the waterfall is Easach Ban, which is confusing for many tourists since most of the tourist maps developed by the government of Nova Scotia use the name Uisge Ban Falls.

Uisge Ban Falls is a water stream – a cascading system of waterfalls with a length of more than four kilometers, which passes through maple, birch, and beech forests and leads to a cliff 16 meters high.

To track the further course of the waterfall. You must walk at least two miles and spend at least an hour on it. The cascade of waterfalls continues its movement through the field. Then again flows through the mixed forest, and then sharply narrows into a gorge whose wall height is at least 500 feet.

Waterfalls on the river. Plus river

The waterfalls on the Plus River are striking in their beauty and sensation that, in the area adjacent to the river, people not touched. This is the best waterfall among Nova Scotia Waterfalls.

Having been there once, you must definitely take a picture with the camera or photograph the local nature. Words cannot describe the magnificence of the waters falling with a roar into the raging abyss. The tranquility of the stretching meadows, and the mystery of the forests. There are many parks and reserves that will be loved by all nature lovers and will not leave anyone indifferent to the purity and perfection of that nature

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