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Resorts: Best three resorts in USA to visit in 2020

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America attracts visitors as a developed country. But the US beach resorts deserve to be visited. Excellent infrastructure and clean coast promise a fantastic beach holiday. And lovers of sports entertainment will find something to their liking: special zones for surfing and kiting highlighted. For younger guests, playgrounds have built, on which the little one has fun. It is noteworthy that close to fashionable places of rest, there are local sites where everyone can sit. There is the following list of the best three resorts in the USA.

Santa Monica resort

This is a fashionable and chic resort. So it is made by clubs located along the entire coast. To become a member of one of them, it is not enough to be famous and wealthy, and recommendations will be required. Pretty snobbish trick. And simple vacationers enjoy a clean little sand, fresh sea breeze, and excellent infrastructure. In Santa Monica, tourists are offered sun loungers for rent, shadow canopies. There are showers and toilets. Playgrounds have built for children. This is the most beautiful among all the resorts.

And on the boulevard, there are cafes and restaurants where you can try excellent seafood, fish dishes. By the way, on Saturday and Sunday, it is recommended to go to the brunch. In this case, you can seriously save money: after all, this is a kind of unlimited set of food. Real, alcohol paid separately. But it is important to remember: Santa Monica is not suitable for swimming. The northern current cools the ocean, so the water is too refreshing. But the tan sticks to the skin perfectly. And relax in the clean area is beautiful.

And athletes surfers will appreciate the waves. Tourists are rollerblading and biking along the promenade. 

The flow is quite dense. And it is in the area of ​​the beach that the famous highway No. 66 ends. And in the evening, on the coastal territory, night bars and discotheques await guests. And a fly in the ointment in an American barrel of honey. In the immediate vicinity are points of distribution of free food for the homeless, who, having eaten, are in no hurry to leave the welcoming place.

San Diego

The coast of San Diego is perfect for swimming and outdoor activities. Most places have developed infrastructure:

  • rental of sunbeds and umbrellas from the bright sun
  • coastal cafes with European or local cuisine
  • showers and toilets
  • changing cabins
  • rescue service posts
  • approaching shark control services

But there are also quite wild places where tourist service is almost absent. But rescue posts are everywhere. The water on the coast is pretty cool: without a wetsuit, vacationers risk swimming only from May to mid-August. And you can be in the water for no more than 1 hour. But lovers of water procedures put on a wetsuit and conquer the ocean throughout the year.

Those who prefer a comfortable stay in the water, it is recommended to choose places located in the coves. There are enough of them in San Diego: the coastline is very rugged. There are fewer waves, less depth so that you can swim in warmer water.

Fort Lauderdale

This seaside town located near Miami. It visited by passengers of ships that arrive at the port of Fort Lauderdale. But this city deserves special attention: its eastern part is almost immersed in water and cut by canals, so Fort Lauderdale is called the American Venice. Gondolas here, of course, are available. But the city itself is modern. It is most famous among all American resorts.

The central city beach is immaculate, but there is no rental of sun loungers and parasols, so you should take care of protection from the heat yourself. But with a snack, everything is fine: the coast is full of cafes and restaurants. The kitchen offers fish and seafood dishes. 

At the second city vacation spot (Fort Lauderdale Beach Park), the infrastructure is more developed. Guests offered shady canopies, deck chairs. There is a playground for kids for the kids. And volleyball fans will fight on a specially equipped site. Fans of the morning and evening promenade will enjoy walking along the walkway equipped along the promenade. And shopping lovers will appreciate Las Olas Boulevard with an abundance of shops and shops.

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