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Shopping Center: Best shopping centers of New York

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Century 21 Shopping Center

The world-famous Century 21 store is located in New York’s Lower Manhattan area. This is the shopping center that is worth a visit. It consists of several floors, designed separately for shoes, clothes, accessories, souvenirs, linen, and many other things. After a walk through the fashionable shops around Fifth Avenue, be sure to check here to find the same item at a lower price possible.

The Century 21 mega-mall features the global brands Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Michael Kors, as well as rare designer brands and standard items of mass demand. Prices are sometimes very impressive. Do not rush to leave the store without finding the right thing immediately. The mall does not have a beautiful interior, but strolling here for an hour looking for interesting finds, you might stumble upon a suit from Calvin Klein for $ 200 and Guess jeans for $ 50. This often happens here.

Chelsea Old Navy Shopping Center

Old Navy Shopping Center is an excellent place for budget shopping for casual wear. If you need a swimsuit, shirts, shorts, and dresses at affordable prices, be sure to check here. This shopping center is single-brand, that is, all the clothes here are not from famous brands, namely with the logo of this shopping center. The quality of things is good, the expanses of the store are impressive, and the prices are often just ridiculous. However, if you want not only simple Old Navy things, but also goods with names, you can also go to the nearby Marshall shopping center.

Marshall Shopping Center

Marshall Shopping Center has several locations in New York. The most famous of them is in Manhattan in the Chelsea area on American Avenue. The shopping center is not very noticeable. It is located on the ground floor of the building and does not have many floors with escalators. However, only here can you find clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories at a price lower by 50-80 percent than in shopping centers in Times Square and Wall Street.

The motto of the Marshall Mall: “Never Buy Good Things at Full Cost.” And the shopping center follows this slogan. Lingerie from Kelvin Klein costs here from $ 4, bags from Michael Kors from $ 100, and shoes from Ivanka Trump – about $ 70.

Opening hours of Marshall Shopping Center on American Avenue: 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., Sundays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

M & M’s World Shopping Centers

Do you like M & M’s? In America, these colored chocolate coated tablets have been cultivated. Three generations of Americans grew up at M & M’s, as we have on Alenka chocolates. However, they have a chic shop for their chocolate, but we do not. And this is another excellent reason to visit M & M’s World to know what to strive for.

Only here, you will find M & M’s dozens of flowers that not sold in Russia. You can buy these sweets by weight, like cornflakes. The range, colors, the scale of the building for chocolate alone are incredible. M & Ms. World Shopping Center is always impressive for both children and adults.

Only here will you see, perhaps, any standard tourist souvenir with a bright design and M & M’s logo. Mugs, T-shirts, pens, notebooks, soft toys, as well as jackets, bathrobes, and even bath towels. If you don’t know what souvenir you would like to make under your logo, and also want to please your loved ones with tasty and funny souvenirs – you are here! The store is located in the heart of Manhattan – right behind Times Square at the intersection of Broadway and 42 Streets.

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