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Shops at Merrick Park to buy products in cheap rates

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In 2002, Coral Gables opened a Shops at Merrick Park, a unique shopping mall of its kind And almost immediately became beloved by everyone. Why is it so unusual that people want to come back here, and often spend their day off here? First of all, by its unusualness, beauty, and size.

Coral Gables himself is a “city of young millionaires,” many of whom have not reached the age of 45, housewives, and youth. He is considered a very prestigious and wealthy city in South Florida and one of the priority areas of Miami. Shops at Merrick Park designed for middle-class people, and there are always a lot of visitors.

Shops at Merrick Park – an outdoor shopping

To make good and relatively inexpensive purchases, residents of Florida do not have to travel far – they have everything nearby. There is a fairly wide range of prices, and many brands prefer to cooperate with this shopping center.

Forget about the constant bustle and stuffiness when you visit Shops at Merrick Park. There is no tiring hustle and bustle. There is no stuffiness with its eternal companion – irritation and intense haste. But here you will meet an atmosphere of goodwill and joy. Light unobtrusive live music, a sea of ​​flowers, and delightful aromas will accompany you everywhere. Between the floors, you will either climb a broad staircase or on fast silent escalators.

The shopping mall itself is in the open air, and when it rains, people take shelter under wide visors or go into the premises.

Classes are for everyone. For children over three years old there are playgrounds, experienced teachers will look after them, and you can go on an exciting shopping trip. In Shops at Merrick park, on three floors, among spreading palm trees, comfort and shade, there are dozens of different boutiques.

In this center, you will find any home accessories, school supplies, excellent stationery, cosmetics. It has an exquisite spa, modern movie theaters, and hairdressers. And for those who love sports, there is a unique fitness center with a modern gym and an excellent healthy menu.

Features of shopping at Merrick Park

In the mall, a relaxed and dizzy atmosphere of joy and celebration reigns everywhere. A special highlight created by almost mini-museums – designer shops in which everyone will buy a unique product. And what’s even more interesting, you can purchase designer novelties in this shopping mall at prices, many of which are lower than in similar centers.

If you get tired while shopping, don’t worry too much, on each floor, near all the boutiques, there are comfortable wicker chairs, benches, and ottomans. So there will be a break!

  • Brands

In this shopping mall, you can easily choose the clothes and shoes of famous brands, and choose furniture. The Shops at Merrick park run boutiques Neimann Marcus and Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co, Gucci. More than 100 tenants work here, and in this regard, the Shops et Merrick Park in Miami competes with other well-known and famous centers.

There was still a bookstore of the Borders chain so that fans can take their souls – there are not many of them left. You can pay everywhere with any card, and there are also ATMs.

  • Where to eat

Shops at Merrick Park will not leave its guests hungry – there are numerous cozy cafes, small restaurants with different cuisine, small bars. At many points, you can buy juice or a serving of refreshing ice cream. And all this at very attractive prices, although their range is available here. But still, everyone will find attractive places for themselves.

  • Parking

There is a new parking lot at the shopping mall. There is a discount system for regular customers, cardholders of some department stores can park for free.


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