Sons Island: Best place to visit

Seguin one of the oldest cities in Texas, founded in 1838, and known for not known for a Texan. A tropical island paradise called Sons Island. But Texas used to the fact that perception is different from what it is. “Some people from other regions think that we all rely on horseback,” laughs Patrick O’Toole, general manager of Best Texas Travel, “I have never even been on a horse.” O’Toole is a Texas native who now lives in Austin, and his company is responsible for a tropical paradise on Lake Placid. On sons island, you can rent houses, as well as kayaks, kayaks, swings, grills, and everything else you need for fun.

Sons Island Guide

Seguin is located in one of the hottest regions of the United States, between Austin and San Antonio, about 20 miles east of San Marcos, Texas. Despite the fact that it is growing everywhere in this area, the atmosphere of a small town still reigns in Seguin, on each corner of which there is a traditional Main Street with smiles and greetings. Perhaps because it is a little off the beaten path – this path is a painfully loaded corridor I-35. And as such, sons island that designed to melt worries and stress.

The last concern before entering the sons island is the bridge. “You drive next door, thinking, “Where is this place? There has been a wooden bridge on the island since Best Texas Travel designed it. This the same bridge, reinforced and fortified, that people cross to get to the island. “When you cross the bridge, we check you in and then check to see if you have everything you need and go to heaven,” O’Toole says. “We want to create a unique, fun environment for locals and tourists.” He says that they are not trying to compete with pipe companies in San Marcos and New Braunfels, an extremely popular pastime in these cities, but “they throw the ball and provide several different options.

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