Thai restaurants: Best Thai restaurants in New York

Thai restaurants: Best Thai restaurants in New York

Thai restaurants in New York

In the beginning was Sripraphai, the mecca of Woodside for those who craved the aromatic. Pungent, often hot flavors of real Thai food in Thai restaurants. But over the years, the field has become crowded; Nowadays, even Manhattan people travel in the first-class shop in their yards. Of course, Queens remains a vibrant center – especially Elmhurst, where a variety of regional styles and types of restaurants provide continuous culinary education. Here are the best Thai restaurants in New York.

Ugly baby Thai restaurants 

At first, you think that the whole dining room has a cold. But then you notice that dazed expressions, widespread lacrimation, and runny nose-blowing accompanied by a clear rush and a trickle of sweat, which can only mean a serious, meaningless consumption of capsaicin. Yes, heat freaks, Ugly Baby Thai-spicy. It is also the area of ​​chef Sirihai Sreparplarn who first won the award in the short-lived Kao Soy and Chiang Mai from Red Hook. First, sweet, then hot curry with mushrooms and pineapples with fragrant lime leaves and thin tofu boards; sea ​​bream with slices of turmeric and garlic, which are scraped before deep-fried fish, fried separately, and then again applied as icing on a pie; mini muffin-like coconut milk pies with black beans and taro, spread with tamarind and chili sauce and scattered with chopped peanuts. What makes Ugly Baby truly great is that everything feels like a pure manifestation of the taste and individuality of its owner-chef: from a well-thought-out wine list, including grapes and blends, tuned to the complex taste palette of the kitchen, to a persistent rejection compromise. Dishes by adjusting the level of spices. If you cannot stand the heat, this is not the kitchen for you. – Robin Ricefield and Rob Patronite


Lamoon specializes in the cuisine of Lanna, the “kingdom of a million rice paddy” that once covered the northern provinces of Thailand, including chef Arad Munroy, a native of Chiang Mai. And although rice certainly plays a big role here, the real star of the show is a noble pig. Kang hun lei, a rich curry with stewed pork for several hours, traditionally served at weddings and funerals. Do not surprised if the first spoon resembles Indian food; it contains the masala that Munroy imports from the Thai province of Mae Hong Son on the Burmese border. The words “nose to tail” are not found anywhere on the menu. But they reflect the philosophy of cooking: Sai aura sausage buzzes with chili and lime leaf, and sports crispy white spots of a pig’s ear. Creamy, smoky, spicy taste – pork brain seasoned with turmeric, chili and lemongrass, and then fried on a banana leaf. As for the tail, it can be found in zabb long, in which there are pieces of a slow-cooked pork spine towering above a bright broth that balances the acidity of fresh lime juice with a cool fish sauce and the spicy flavor of a bird’s green eye chili. , minced garlic, and cilantro. – Joe DiStefano. This is one of the best Thai restaurants in this city.


Sripraphai has come a long way since the early days of its existence. As the flawless holy grail of Thai New York cuisine. Expansion and reconstruction allowed to return a beautiful courtyard. Teeming with a seething fountain and deciduous apple tree, as well as a relevant (if not wallpaper * worthy) decor. The remote menu gives phonetic spelling (see-pra-pie), and the servers ask, without asking if you want Thai spicy. Fortunately, these new and somewhat shy events did not have a harmful effect on food, which, indeed, is Thai spicy, but also multi-layered and almost impossible to stop eating. Crispy fried catfish, fiery beef Panang and minced pork with chili, peanuts and lemon juice are as good as ever. A pad can be more attractive, but not touch thai. – R.R. and R.P.


Like Sripraphai, Ayada grew out of humble origins. First expanding into space next door and then spawning the Chelsea Market outpost, which scheduled to open this summer. The reasons for this success are visible in the form of a salad of raw shrimp, fragrant of lime, and garlic; Panang duck curry with precise calibration of sweet, sour, and spicy; fresh, lace catfish salad; and sticky mango rice, a dissertation in maturity. Take into account the super-friendly service, cheerful decoration, and, perhaps. A visit by the table from the chef Duandjay “Kitty” Thammasat. You have one of the best Thai restaurants in the city. – R.R. and R.P.

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