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Broadway Musical Aladdin Tickets

To save money, buy tickets for the musical Aladdin before you arrive in New York. The musical Aladdin on Broadway based on everyone’s favorite Disney cartoon. Released in 1992, the cartoon has won numerous awards, including an Oscar. Based on the centuries-old Arabian fairy tale “A Thousand and One Nights,” Aladdin tells the story of a city under royal authority, Aladdin’s street thief and a magic lamp, inside of which is Jin. The musical is great for family visits, so bring your children and enjoy watching.

Miracle Cave and Princess Jasmine

A magic lamp with a wish-fulfilling Gene stored in the Cave of Miracles. The evil sorcerer Jafar is trying to take possession of the lamp to become the sultan of the city. However, only a few people can enter the cave, and the sorcerer Jafar is not allowed to enter. After detaining Aladdin for false accusations of kidnapping Princess Jasmine, Jafar uses a guy to get a lamp. During the events, Aladdin takes out a lamp and gets acquainted with the magical Gene, who fulfills his three wishes. His first desire is to become a prince in order to become a suitable bridegroom for Princess Jasmine. Will Jasmine fall in love with Prince Ali? Will Jafar succeed in becoming a sultan?


Magical evening

The Broadway production of Aladdin is as magical as the animated film. The musical features familiar soundtracks such as: “A Whole New World” and “Prince Ali,” as well as new songs were written specifically for the show. The plot of the musical is very comedic. You will get a lot of viewing pleasure!


Tickets for the musical Aladdin

Buying tickets for the musical Aladdin is quite simple. I recommend purchasing tickets online ere your trip to New York. Why? Links to book tickets through our website offer the best porter seats (Orchestra / Front Mezzanine) at discounted prices. You will save time and money. Many musicals are very popular, and tickets for them are sold out for many months in advance.

Ordering tickets through our website is very simple:

  • Click on the link and select a date
  • Fill in your information
  • Check your email to confirm and have a voucher
  • To exchange a voucher for a ticket, you need to come an hour before the start of the show and present your voucher and passport at the box office

At the time of booking your tickets, you will not be able to select specific seats in the theater, and only the section will be known. Seats indicated on the ticket, which you will exchange for a voucher. When booking tickets for four people, it guaranteed to get seats next to each other.

Gin’s humor will make even parents laugh. In general, this is a fun pastime for the whole family both day and evening. A magic carpet is already a story in itself: how they get a carpet to fly on is one of Broadway’s best secrets!

Additional Information

  • Children over six years old are allowed
  • Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • Address: New Amsterdam Theater, 214 West 42nd Street

Book tickets for the musical Aladdin here

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