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Things To Do In Orange County in 2020

Things To Do In Orange County

Everything you present from this California experience comes together when you visit Orange County. Things To Do In Orange County To Have Fun Without Spending a lot of money.

This is a place for adventure and exploration. This is the place to let go and rediscover youth.

This list will show you the Best Things To Do In Orange County, places of interest and fun activities at OC.

Adventure city

Adventure City is a family-run adventure theme park with many attractions to entertain everyone. Attractions offered for children and adults of all ages. So, ages, interests and energy levels, everything from small slides to a climbing wall, arcade, party, and even a zoo. Adventure City is available for both large groups and corporate events, and no matter how many or few guests come together, parking is always free. After an adventurous day, guests can enjoy all their favorite dishes from the theme park, such as pizza, corn dogs, ice cream, churros and much more. What to do in Anaheim

1238 South Beach Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92804, Phone: 714-236-9300

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Bolsa-Chitsky Ecological Reserve

These southern California wetlands are a popular bird-watching spot. The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve managed by the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and located along the Pacific Coast Highway. This is an excellent stop if you want to go outdoors!

Remember to go to the interpretation center to learn more about the area. The sites feature many interesting exhibits, educational programs, and ways to learn more about how to preserve these precious wetlands in Southern California.


If there weren’t enough reasons to visit Orange County, surely the “Happiest Place on Earth” is enough to convince you.

This legendary theme park has earned its reputation. A trip with your family can be the highlight of your summer.

At Disneyland, you’ll get to know some of the most exciting and magical attractions, including Splash of the Mountain, Star Tours, and Space Mountain.

You can also meet some of your favorite characters, such as Mickey Mouse. This is the place where you can feel fascinated.

For ease of travel, consider booking your stay at Disneyland Resort.

Give yourself plenty of planning time so you can see everything you want.

Your experience in the Magic Kingdom should be the one you look back at and smile at.

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA

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