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Pennsylvania Restaurants

In the capital of Pennsylvania (USA), Harrisburg there is a restaurant that once woke up famous. This is The Fire House Restaurant, located at 606 North 2nd Street. And it happened at the end of 2011, right after the novel by the famous American writer James Patterson titled “Kill Alex Cross” appeared on the shelves of bookstores.

The novel mentions the name “The Fire House Restaurant”, and this was enough to glorify a modest establishment throughout the country. Now it is the most popular restaurant in the city and it is not bypassed by celebrities. However, whether the author of the best-selling book and the finest hour of the “Fiery Horse” was here is not known for certain. It is possible that he simply used a sonorous name, accidentally seen in a directory or an advertising booklet.

By the way, the name “Fire Horse” has its explanation. The firehouse was formerly located in the current building of the restaurant, therefore the “fiery” is not only a name but also a menu: almost all dishes are generously seasoned with garlic and pepper.

Restaurant “Gramercy Tavern”

One of New York’s many restaurants is Gramercy Tavern, opened in 1994. It is a classic American tavern, the menu of which presents dishes of traditional cuisine. Here you will be offered the highest level of service. The hospitable staff will do everything to make your stay here turn into a fairy tale. The interior of the Gramercy Tavern is made in the country style. It combines the comfort of the countryside and the energy of the urban environment. The Gramercy Tavern restaurant has been awarded twice by The New York Times magazine, it also has one Michelin star and is listed among the most sought-after restaurants in the city, according to critic Zagat Survey. In 2012, local chef James Bird received the Best New York Chef Award.

This place is suitable for those who like to not only have a tasty lunch but also have fun. Every evening, with the evening, the Gramercy Tavern organizes entertainment programs, participating in which you will receive discounts on alcohol and snacks. Often the city elite gathers in this restaurant. If you decide to visit it, then book a table in advance.

Restaurant “Maialino”

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, then you should pay attention to the beautiful Maialino Restaurant. Located at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York. It impresses guests and residents of the city with its unsurpassed interior, taste and aesthetic appearance of dishes, as well as a high level of service. The tables at Maialino are located far enough from each other so that visitors feel confident and comfortable. They covered with checkered tablecloths and pre-arranged. The interior of the institution made in the classic style, there is nothing superfluous, everything is simple and tasteful. The hall decorated with a number of decorative round lamps, as well as a suspended wooden ceiling. Restaurant “Maialino” has a huge wide balcony, planted with vegetation.

There are beautiful wicker tables and chairs, and a breathtaking panorama of the city opens from the windows. The restaurant’s menu contains various pasta dishes – pasta with cheese or mushrooms seasoned with sauces. As well as pizza, meat, fish dishes, and delicious Italian pastries. On average, you will have to pay about 30-40 euros here.

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