Top 5 best parks in Chicago

Top 5 best parks in Chicago

Chicago is known as the “city in garden” that is why everyone visit best parks in chicago. As we know that most of the people like nature, cool environment, and attractive places. The weather in Chicago is quite cold most of the times which helps the atmosphere to look more attractive, beautiful and pleasant. It might have a lot of parks but the 5 named below are the best ones. It includes:

  • Millennium park
  • Humboldt Park
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Lincoln Park Conservancy
  • OZ Park

Millennium Park

It is indeed one of the best parks in chicago. It comprises over many different activities which people really enjoy doing. The best part is the Arts space program and the exhibition they arrange to attract the tourist. It consists of almost 3.5-acre urban land. The greenery over there attracts the tourists. Millennium park consists of an art programming which includes summer dance celebrations and music series. Most importantly it contains a media room where you can not only watch downloaded videos and pictures but also the current news released. Most interestingly the have an electronic system to count the tourist but the good thing is, they don’t use that information for any other purpose. They have a unique space where different events can be organized.

Humboldt Park 

Vast area almost 197.26 acres is present in the heart of Chicago worldwide known as the Humboldt park. It contains gyms and fitness centers along with inland beaches and boat house. It has many different courts including which are Tennis courts, baseball, and soccer court. It contains the museum of art and culture the best thing is that it’s the only nation museum. The area over there is decorated so beautifully that it is used for farewell parties’, weddings and graduation parties. The best thing about their soccer field is that it is mostly engaged for the nationwide competitions. The most interesting fact about this park was, it was named because of a German naturalist and geographer named Alexander von Humboldt. Humboldt park has an honor of organizing different events for families. It has a beautiful green land which attracts the tourists. The calm environment over there attracts the people to visit there. The atmosphere of Humboldt park is simple awesome.

Garfield Park Conservatory 

The best and the most stunning botanical garden is the Garfield park. It has covered area as well as a very large uncovered area but the most interesting thing about this garden is that its covered area also gives the same feel as a proper garden do. Around 10 acre of the land is uncovered with many different plants. Thus it gave a very nice feeling when u enter. Many people visit the garden to release their stress. It has a very cozy environment which people really enjoys. Many

people visit Chicago just to visit this beautiful garden. Specialty of this park is that it has a special side for children where they enjoy a lot. It has different hotels where we can arrange different functions like farewells and wedding parties. May education programs are arranged in this park for the students. This is the most interesting park among all. Thus many people are attracted toward it.

Lincoln Park Conservancy 

The Lincoln has palm trees and fern present in them. The areas are covered by different plants to enhance the beauty of the park. It consists of many different houses such are the palm house, ferns, orchard house and last but not the least show house. It has an honor of arranging an annual flower competition. No matter which part of the year it is the park is always lush green which always attracts the attention of the tourists. Before 1890 the Lincoln park was just a small greenhouse which is then manufactured in 1890 as a beautiful big park. The interesting things about this park is, it has ponds in it as well as it has zoo which is a great attraction for the children. Mostly families visit Lincoln park because it contains all that a family requires a beautiful zoo, small ponds, a lot of lush green gardens and the most importantly delicious restaurants. Most interestingly it has a bird’s house containing many different and colorful birds which is indeed a tourist attraction.  And yes how could we forgot about the wide area of parking, which make it more convenient for the families to visit.

 OZ Park

Oz park is the most interesting park in Chicago. It is a very catchy park for not only the children but also for their parent. It is totally themed according to the “Wizard of Oz”. this park is beautifully decorated. When you move in the park you will see different statues places on either any of the wall or on a pillar. It contains different swings some climbing games and much more which attracts the kids towards it and moreover the lush green garden full of colorful flower not only enhance the beauty of the park but also attracts people towards it. Many people visit there just to enjoy the atmosphere to calm their self.  The area covered for park is 13.32-acre, however the walking track is almost 980 m long. It contains a physical fitness center for not only the kids but also for the adults. The park also contains the soccer courts and tennis courts. Thus many end of year programs occurs in there.


All the parks present in Chicago are interesting and attractive. Containing lush green gardens and different colorful flowers. It also contains beautiful play areas for children. The pleasing environment of the parks help people forget about their stress. Many people visit their just to relax. Indeed, these parks are the best for the research works arranged by the colleges or universities and also visit our web for more best parks in chicago and all over US and UK blogs about Amazing places And also Parks near me etc.

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