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Top 5 Gyms and Health/Fitness Centre in Sliema Malta

It is very significant to look after your health and body in every situation even while traveling. To look after this going to the gym is a good option. If you are a fitness freak and don’t want to miss your gym while traveling or want to start ding gym while staying in Malta then you can find some high standard gyms in SliemaSliema has so many up to Mark gyms that will never disappoint you in terms of service and training. Now you don’t need to compromise on your fitness and carry on with your regular gym routine or make a routine by finding the nearest gym for yourself. To find the nearest gym go to the trryme website and add your query, you will get the best possible results. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and start doing gym today and stay fit and healthy.

Taking care of our body and maintaining health is not only about proper nutrition and regular visits to the doctor. Although these are important things, you should also keep yourself in shape. It takes only a few first steps, and when you train and see the results, you will not want to stop. There is the following list of best Gyms in Sliema.


They are equipped with numerous machines that will push your body to new strength. You will no longer suffocate or lethargic, you will be fit and you will look good. They will develop the right training for you so that you can focus on the most difficult areas and be happy with what you have achieved. Whether you train to win a medal or train to keep fit and healthy, They will help you achieve your goals, and then some. Recently, they also opened a women-only zone. They also offer training and classes designed exclusively for women. You can do fitness, cardio, use free weights, cable cars, everything that comes to mind when it comes to the gym, they have it. This gym is equipped with both air conditioning and Wi-Fi so you can feel at home and exercise directly and in a comfortable environment. Visit the gym now, whether you want to do boxing, just want to join the gym to keep fit, do yoga or do fitness. 

Cynergi Health & Fitness Club

For a very reasonable price, you get access to the gym, free classes (many to choose from every day), squash rooms, free parking, a sauna, a swimming pool, a steam bath, and a Turkish bath. PLUS, they always have a certified personal trainer, and the staff is always ready to help. This gym has everything you need and more. New fresh locker rooms. And there is little childcare if you need someone to watch your children during training.

Fort Fitness Gyms in Sliema

This is amazing! So spacious, many different types of equipment for the same muscles, tons of free weight, and they also have a “Crossfit zone” and a boxing ring. This is the best gym among all Sliema gyms.

Body Medics Fitness Centre

Looking for a well-equipped professional gym? Body Medics Fitness Center is the place to start your healthy lifestyle. Modern equipment and personal trainers have made this gym a reputable institution.

In this gym, you will find the latest equipment for cardio and strength training, which is suitable for both men and women. They provide various packages and you can sign up for daily, monthly and even annual memberships. With each subscription, they provide basic diets and exercise programs at no extra charge. For personalized diets and personalized fitness programs, you will have to pay an additional fee.

In addition to standard training in the gym, they organize daily fitness classes in the morning and the evening. The training package will include exercises ranging from aerobics and kick aerobics, core, and circuit training, Zumba, body toning, martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing.

Express Fitness Club

At Express Fitness Club limit they are the ultimate fitness club that will help you to see results.

They only get one body and they need to take care of it as best. Exercising can make a huge difference to your general health and your future self. It is much harder for your body to feel heavy and useless in the future if you keep up with your regular exercise. Express Fitness Club is run by Eric Schembri who has over twenty-five years of experience in the fitness field

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