Trinidad Parks: Best parks in Trinidad to visit in 2020

Trinidad Parks: Best parks in Trinidad to visit in 2020

Trinidad Parks

The site contains Trinidad Parks – descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Trinidad Parks, where to go and where are the popular and interesting Trinidad Parks.

Natural Park “El Cubano”

El Cubano Natural Park is located in Cuba in the city of Trinidad, 5 kilometers from its center. It is a spacious forest with a waterfall and a river, exotic trees, and amazing plants. Many tourist routes laid through this park, because it is an integral part of one of the largest cities in Cuba. It is in it that environmental excursions are conducted, allowing you to explore the most amazing and beautiful places, as well as the multifaceted natural landscapes of Cuba. This is one of the best Trinidad Parks.

The park has a swimming pool, a campsite, horseback riding, and rare bird watching. Also, the natural park “El Cubano” invites you to taste the goodies in a small but cozy restaurant. Having been in it, you will plunge into the world of the colonial past of Cuba.

The observation deck of the park “Topes de Calientes.”

The observation deck of the Park Topes de Calyantes located at an altitude of 800 meters in the territory of the same park, 12 kilometers from the city of Trinidad on the island of Cuba. The road leading to the site is very convenient because it adjoins directly to the endpoint. This is the best park among Trinidad Parks.

Once you go upstairs, a magnificent view of the Escambray mountain range opens up from a height. This is one of the largest mountain ranges in Cuba and throughout Latin America. Numerous tourists who visited this place are satisfied.

The National Park itself is also amazing. There are many rare species of animals, as well as unique samples of plants. All this attracts lovers of wildlife and the unique beauties of Latin America.

Natural Park Topes de Collantes

Topes de Collantes is a huge national reserve 12 km northwest of Trinidad. You can get here only by car and travel around the park on foot or horses hired right there.

The main goal of all travelers to these lands is Salto del Caburni waterfall. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Cuba. Streams of water tearing down from a height of 62 m crash with noise onto honed stones forming a natural pool with crystal clear water. To see the waterfall with your own eyes, you need to overcome a difficult path: a steep canyon, a narrow mountain trail, and only the jungle around.

In addition to caves, lakes, and rivers, the National Park has something to see. More than 100 species of ferns, several dozens of different orchids and coffee grow here. Anyone can stroll through the coffee plantations and taste the green coffee bean to taste.

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