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Broadway Wicked Tickets

To save money, buy tickets for the musical Wicked before your arrival in New York. Since its opening, the production of Wicked (Wicked) has become one of the highest-grossing shows on Broadway, which has received many awards. The events of the musical based on the novel ‘Evil: Life and Adventures of the Evil Western Witch’ in which the narration conducted on behalf of two witches from the country of Oz. The story unfolds during the growing up of two girls and their rivalry, ‘Good Witch’ versus ‘Angry Witch.’ The musical ‘Wicked’ is considered a more girlish production, so bring your daughters!

The Wicked Witch of the West

Events unfold before and after Dorothy arrives in Oz. In the musical itself, Dorothy is present in the form of slippers that she once stole. The narration is on behalf of two witches of the country of Oz: Elfabs, a rogue girl with green skin, the future Evil Witch of the West, and Glinda, an attractive and ambitious girl, who later became a good witch of the north. Despite their differences, girls become good friends. The story develops around their rivalry in the struggle for one lover, as well as the fight against the tyranny of the Wizard, whose efforts the inhabitants of Oz were opposed to Elphaba.

Flying Monkeys and the Wizard of Oz

The musical ‘Wicked’ is popular for many reasons. You will sing along to each song and admire the costumes of the actors. In 2004, the musical won the Tony Award for Best Costume Design. The emerald city comes to life before our eyes, along with flying monkeys.


 Evil Wicked Musical Tickets

Buying tickets for the Evil show is quite simple. I recommend purchasing tickets online before your tour to New York. Why? Links to ordering tickets through our website offer the best seats in the porter (Orchestra / Front Mezzanine) with discounts. You will time and money. Many musicals are very popular, and they sold out for many months in advance.

Ordering tickets through our website is very simple:

  • Click on the link and select a date
  • Fill in your information
  • Check your email to confirm and have a voucher
  • To exchange a voucher for a ticket, you need to come a few hours before the start of the show and present your voucher and passport at the box office

At the time of booking your tickets, you will not be able to select specific seats in the theater, and only the section will be known. Seats in the hall indicated on the ticket that you will exchange with the voucher. When booking tickets for four people, it is guaranteed to get seats next to each other.

Most of the musical refer to the book and the film ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ you will be especially interested if you had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the work before being watched on Broadway. Due to the presence of profanity, I would not recommend the show for children under eight years old.

Additional Information

  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Address: Gershwin Theater, 222 West 51st Street

If you are not interested in the best seats in the hall, then I recommend booking tickets through this website. The link below this text offers the best places at the most affordable prices.

Book your Wicked Musical Tickets

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