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Can artificial intelligence help improve the quality of healthcare?

Many technological advances have been made that have changed the course of life as we see. From smartphones to laparoscopies. Technology has taken over every little thing and shaped our lives for the better. The way thrift stores have made our lives more accommodating and convenient, some people might argue the same about artificial intelligence. […]

Assessment of Nurses Working Conditions at Emergency Departments

While 2020 has brought a change and impact on every life in the USA, it has changed most drastically on the lives and conditions of doctors and nurses in hospitals. Moreover, the conditions and protocols of every emergency department had to be revised according to COVID-19. Emergency nurses and doctors need to act at the […]

Amazing Place See In Vermont

A simple notice of its name and pictures show up. Sunlit knolls of highly contrasting dairy animals, amazing white ski trails, clean slope ranches, bursting red maple trees along a stone divider, covered scaffolds, cans gathering sap for maple syrup. Positively these unspoiled scenes actually exist, albeit less beautiful plastic tubing has supplanted the greater […]

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