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In this episode of Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay visits the Chester Hotel in Starkville, Mississippi, next to the college campus.

The Chester Hotel flourished when David and Sookie Mollendor bought it in 2000, but the couple forced to file for bankruptcy.

Their house deprived of the right to purchase, and they forced to move to a hotel because they have a debt of $ 900,000.

The hotel worked without interruptions until David got into a car accident and lay in bed for six months, and Sookie had to leave her real estate job to take over.

Gordon cannot find the hotel and must ask a group of local students for directions. They describe the hotel as easy to miss, but they know this because it is next to their campus.

Gordon arrives and talks to David, who explains that he graduated with a degree in hotel management after serving in Vietnam.

David does not think that there are any problems with the rooms or the food in the restaurant but shows that the rooms have not updated for more than ten years. Crack walls and carpets need replacing.

Gordon goes down to the restaurant to eat and discovers that all the food is Japanese and cooked by Suki.

She has no experience in the kitchen, as she forced to cook because they cannot afford a chef.

Gordon sits waiting about an hour, but fed up, Lindsay finds him sleeping on the couch, and he finally tries sushi, which, in his opinion, is disgusting.

Gordon tells Sookie that he doesn’t like sushi, and she runs off to tell David while Gordon talks to Lindsay about the restaurant. She tells him that only ten or so guests eat in a restaurant.

Gordon arrives to watch dinner, he is busy, but after an hour, the first table has not yet received his food.

Sookie has problems in the kitchen, David won’t help her, and Gordon finds out that she fought after David’s accident.

Gordon goes to the supermarket to buy ingredients to cook food for expecting customers. He prepares sliders for them to finish the service.

After a disappointing service, Suki tells Gordon that they have been living in a room for the disabled since the accident, and finds out that he has broken his back, ankles and has been recovering for the past five years.

The next day, Gordon leads them to successful local companies www.d3home.com/, and they explain that their success depends on student trading.

Gordon talks about the changes in the hotel, including upgraded rooms, an updated apartment for David and Sookie, and a beer garden was also renovated with draft beer.

The menu was also changed. It included local dishes, including the Gordon hamburger, which students would like, and a new sign appeared so that customers could find them.

A new chef purchased to help re-launch and train new employees. Gordon offers to pay her salary until they can afford to pay.

Young locals come, and the beer garden impresses everyone, as does Gordon Burger.

Before leaving, he takes David and Sookie for a walk and shows them the apartment that he rented for them for six months so that they do not have to live in a hotel.

What happened next to the Chester Hotel?

Hotel Chester is open 24/7.

They retained most of Gordon’s menu but made some changes, and Gordon’s burger is still trendy.

The reviews from Trryme.com since visiting Gordon are mostly very positive, with compliments to the friendly and helpful staff, beer garden and breakfast.

Are you planning a trip to the hotel? Check out their website for more information.

The Chester Hotel aired on August 11, 2014. This episode filmed in June 2013 and episode 4, season 2, at the Hell Hotel.

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