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Hawaiian Islands: Best Hawaiian Islands to visit in 2020

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Hawaiian Islands: There is the following list of the best Hawaiian Islands.

Kauai island

The island of Kauai is sometimes called the “Island Garden.” On the territory of the oldest island in the Hawaiian ridge, an official law is in force that prohibits the construction of buildings higher than the palm trees growing here. Therefore, once on an island, you might think that there are no signs of civilization at all. Hotels and tourist areas so harmoniously fit into the natural nature of the island that guests can hardly restrain a cry of delight.

The island of Kauai is gorgeous beaches, green valleys, and rocky mountains that have become available for visiting only the last few years. The area of ​​the island is only 50 sq km, but there are a lot of attractions. The main beach of the island is called Poipu Beach and is a must-see. From November to March, whales come to the coast of the island, and you can admire them right from the shore. Regardless of the season, several golf courses are open on the island, and horseback riding tours around the island organized continuously.

The main flavor of the island of Kauai gives the Hawaiians themselves. These are unusually friendly and cheerful people who meet everyone with the constant singing Aloha! This the best island among all Hawaiian Islands.

Howland Island

Between the Marshall Islands, Nauru and Kiribati is a small flat island, shaped like a cucumber. This is Howland Island – one of the wildest and most deserted islands in the Hawaiian Islands. It was discovered in 1822 by American whalers, who were the first to try to populate a piece of land. There was a project that would turn Howland into an intermediate airfield for long trans-Pacific flights. But plans for colonization came to naught, and Japanese troops destroyed all buildings.

The mysterious history of Amelia Earhart connected with the island. In 1937, the famous pilot went around the world, keeping the equator line, thereby choosing the longest route. For three months, she circled almost the entire globe. On July 2, her plane took off from New Guinea, heading for Howland. But the officials who met the pilot at the final point of her journey waited in vain. Not far from the island, radio communication interrupted, and the plane disappeared without a trace. The ship going to meet her did not notice anything. 

Not a single plane ever landed on the island. The runway was gradually overgrown with grass, and for a long time, only feral cats lived on the territory. Today, there is a bird sanctuary on the island with nests of terns, boobies, petrels, and frigates. To get to Howland Island is almost impossible, and for this, you need a special permit from the Fish and Wildlife Service in Honolulu.

Midway Hawaiian Islands

Midway Islands are an atoll between California and Japan. This location explains the name of the island, which can translate as “halfway.” Midway consists of two large islands – Sand and Eastern and tiny sandy land areas. A ring of coral reefs surrounds all this. Huge white albatrosses live on the islands, but there are practically no people.

The Midway Islands have a rich military past. It was off the coast of this atoll that the Americans were able to defeat the Japanese flotilla. Thereby avenging Pearl Harbor. After the war ended, a military base located here for some time, which engaged in tracking already Russian submarines. After the end of the Cold War, only a group of scientists remained on the island who monitor the runway and fuel supply. So, just in case. If you want to visit the Hawaiian Islands then this is the best option.

You can get to the island as part of the annual expedition of the Oceanic Society, which engaged in the study of the population of seabirds. Tourists are brought just during the nesting period when about three million people are going to albatross alone.

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