Ontario Forts: Best Ontario Forts to visit in 2020

Ontario Forts: Best Ontario Forts to visit in 2020

Ontario Forts

The site contains the Ontario Forts – descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name, and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Ontario Forts, where to go, and where there are popular and interesting Ontario Forts.

Old Fort Henry

Fort Henry is an important part of Canada’s historical heritage, is listed on the National History Museum of Canada, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Rideau Canal. This is the best Fort among Ontario Forts.

The Fort built-in 1812 to protect the region from a possible US attack but has never participated in hostilities. He served as a military camp during the First and Second World Wars.

Today, the FortFort, along with the Rideau Canal, is a popular tourist destination. Various historical reconstructions and demonstrations from the life of the military, exercises, and garrison parades regularly held on the territory. There also guided tours of the complex, where you can see the Victorian school, various ceremonies featuring music and artillery.

You can visit the museum dedicated to the history of the Fort.

Danforth Avenue

Danforth Avenue originates from the East-West Highway in Toronto, Canada. Its western part begins in the area of ​​the Prince Edward Viaduct, as a continuation of Bloor Street, and then passes through East York, to the intersection with Kingston Road.

The Avenue is named after contractor Danforth Jr., who was involved in the construction of Queen Street and Kingston Road. Avenue built-in 1851, initially to connect it to Kingston Road. This is the oldest Fork among Ontario Forts.

Along the way, there are a lot of shops and companies on Avenue. The Greek community lives here, and many sports facilities located, both for adults and for children. Scarborough Gardens also located on Avenue, with Bill Wooden House, the largest wooden shoe store in all of Canada.

Many transport-important lines and roads cross Avenue, so it considered the transport junction of the entire city.

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