Soups: Benefits and top 5 soup places in USA

Soups: Benefits and top 5 soup places in USA

A variety of soups have long and firmly entered the diet of any USA person. In past times, homemakers had to dodge in different ways to cook three full dishes from one leg and feed a family of four – the foods were in short supply. Therefore the broth was cooked from the leg, which became the basis for the first dish, and the meat itself added in the second. And nowadays, almost no one thinks of lunch without soup.

Moms from childhood have inspired us that soup is beneficial for digestion. We have all heard the phrase: “Do not eat dry food! Got inversion of intestines! You better eat soup! ”

But is it so? Are there no problems with the digestive tract without a variety of cabbage soup, borsch and other first courses in the daily diet?

The benefits of soups

To begin with, it is worth remembering that soups have very few fried ingredients: as a rule, all the ingredients boil. This means that soups have fewer carcinogens than other dishes. If you cook soups on a lean meat basis, then they, among other things, have reduced calorie content, and this is useful not only for those who are losing weight but also for everyone else who monitors their health. Plus, it’s easier to eat soup, and at a cost, it comes out cheaper than second courses.

Also, as many people know, some soups are beneficial for various diseases – for example, chicken stock, because it helps to restore the water-salt balance in the body. For problems with the gastrointestinal tract, puree soups should be introduced into the diet – they very easily absorbed by the body and do not give a burden on the stomach, as it is easier to digest. And compared to main courses, soups have distinct advantages: it’s easier to get enough, as they occupy more space in the stomach, contain more vitamins and fewer calories. For example, the familiar borsch has a whole set of healthy vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, onions.

Bad soups

However, the soup can be harmful to humans. For example, fatty broths from dark meat have a terrible effect on the cardiovascular system, so they are extremely contraindicated for people with heart problems.

Adequately prepared, home-made soup can only have a positive effect on health. There are even dozens of special soup diets that help lose weight and not harm your health.

From all of the above, it follows that introducing soups into your daily diet is not just possible, but necessary. But here it should be remembered that when cooking soup, you should give preference to lean meat, poultry or fish. By the way, fish broth is digested ten times lighter than meat and contains many times more vitamins and minerals.

Top  5 soup places in the USA

  • Island Creek Oyster Bar – Boston, MA
  • Bertha’s – Charleston, SC
  • Red’s Ice House – Seabrook Island, SC
  • Ivan Ramen – New York, NY
  • Katz’s Deli – New York, NY

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