Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York 2020

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York 2020

New York has a vast selection of best vegetarian restaurants. Most establishments offer vegetarian dishes, and every day their demand increases. Even among meat-eaters. So, if you’re not a vegetarian, and try deliciously surprising dishes at one of the New York restaurants listed below.

Caravan of dreams vegetarian restaurant

Caravan of Dreams Restaurant has a very varied menu. So here you will have the opportunity to try dishes of cuisines from around the world. Such as Mexico, Italy, and Asian countries. The restaurant is located on the Lower East Site and attracts many young visitors. On weekends, live music played here and I advise everyone to try beautiful desserts.

Candle 79 vegetarian restaurant

Candle 79 is a vegetarian restaurant on the Upper East Side of New York. It has an excellent menu with a wide selection of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The atmosphere is charming, come here with your partner. You will spend a wonderful evening.

Wild ginger

Wild Ginger – A vegetarian restaurant serving Asian cuisine. For cooking, amazing spices used here. All main courses served with rice, salad, and miso soup. There are very affordable prices, and the most expensive dish costs $ 14. The restaurant located in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Take a walk here during the day, and in the evening dine at Wild Ginger.

Sacred chow

Sacred Chow Vegetarian Restaurant located in downtown Manhattan. Menu establishments are continually improving. Because delicious salads, panini, and some tapas served here. One serving of tapas costs $ 8, and order three servings for $ 19.50. So try delightful fruit shakes. The atmosphere here is not very pleasant, and sometimes the wait for tables is a little delayed.

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