Brooklyn & Coney Island Pizza Tour 2020

Any activity involving eating pizza attracts my attention. This tour is not quite suitable for those who want to eat excellent pizza. This is a more informational tour of Brooklyn & Coney Island, with a stop in several places for a couple of slices of delicious pizza. However, I highly recommend going on this tour.


The tour begins on Union Square, which located in the city center. From here, a bus will pass through the Manhattan Bridge towards Brooklyn. My guide was very enthusiastic, and since the tour belongs to the family business, most likely, you will be entertained by the tech. At the end of the tour, you will know exactly which celebrities live in the area and where they made famous films. The moment you pass the place where you shot the episode, they will play it on the screens. The first stop is the Brooklyn Promenade. From here, you will discover delightful wines in Manhattan.

To the Brooklyn Grimaldi pizza 

Grimaldi is a short walk from the famous promenade. There are always huge lines. Perhaps this is because this is one of the most beloved places of Michelle Obama, but most likely because it is one of the best pizzerias in the city. If you come to the pizza with a guide, you will put it in line at a beautiful table. Grimaldi is famous for its brick ovens, fresh Mozzarella cheese, and fresh tomato sauce. All guests taking part in the tour will be treated with two slices of pizza and soft drinks.

Brooklyn Tour

After a hearty snack, you will be taken to the most beautiful districts of Brooklyn. On the road, along with small houses and cottages, the urban atmosphere will slowly disappear. Your next stop will be at the L&B Spumoni Gardens Restaurant. Only residents spend time here because the institution is a bit far from the city. Pizza dough is a little thicker, but the highlight of this institution is a layer of cheese with tomato sauce. Real jam! Here you will be treated with two slices of pizza and soft drinks.

Coney Island: Pepperoni Pizza

On the way to Coney Island, relax on a comfortable bus. It usually takes a few hours to Coney Island, but you can get there a lot faster. Here you will have about an hour to walk or even ride the famous roller coaster. If you’re hungry, be sure to try out Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.

Way back

If you wish, you can return to Manhattan on your own. The guide will tell you in detail how to get back. By bus, you will reach Union Square in half an hour – the area from which the tour departs. This tour is a bit pricey; four hours spent in different regions of New York are worth it. You will try the delicious pizza and learn Brooklyn & Coney Island a lot of exciting things.

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