Florida beaches – Best Florida beaches to visit

Florida beaches

The site contains Florida beaches – descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and presented by type, name, and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see on Florida beaches, where to go, and where are the popular and interesting Florida beaches.

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach is a magnificent paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, USA. When tourists first get here, they experience a very strange sensation – the most beautiful snow-white sand, which resembles starch inconsistency, does not heat up in the sun at all, and emerald, crystal-clear water almost always remains warm. This is one of the best Florida beaches.

The beach is about 1.5 km long and 8 meters wide. Its infrastructure is quite well-developed, there are volleyball courts, cafes, places for children’s games, toilets, showers, picnic arbors, and a rescue center. The location of the beach is so good that the coastal line is rarely exposed to storm waves and gusts of wind. The ebbs and flows here form natural shallows on which pelicans and seagulls like to fish. Siesta Beach is perfect for a relaxing family vacation, or an active holiday with friends.

Navarra Beach

Navarra Beach is located on the island of Santa Rosa, surrounded by protected nature. This beach is an ideal place for a romantic, as well as for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Pure white sand creaks underfoot, attracting tourists. This is the best beach among Florida beaches.

Dolphins, stingrays, and turtles swim to the beach, giving extraordinary impressions and spectacles. The water on the beach is blue and warm. Of course, you can get bored on this beach faster than on any other beach, but cleanliness and peace are ensured here. The beach is ideal for family vacations, as well as for vivid family photos.

The beach is also popular among fishing enthusiasts because many fish swim to the warm bays. Here you can catch trout, perches, and other fish.

Anne Beach

Anne Beach, located on the island of Islamorada, is a year-round paradise for fishers and sport fishing. Here you can fish from bridges, from the marina, as well as from rented boats that will take you to any convenient place for fishing sharks or swordfish. This is the most famous beach among Florida beaches.

Free parking is located near the beach, which is very convenient for visitors to personal cars. Anna Beach has shallow pools, picnic tables, bathrooms, and other amenities.

Florida beaches

Anna’s beach, named after environmentalist Anna Iten, is located in the middle between Key Largo and Key West. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean wash the coast, so there are never waves here, which is very convenient for lovers of a relaxing swim and relaxation.

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