3 reasons why you should eat at Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao: Great things are coming for our little family, and having made a “big move” to Europe. We decided to make a quick stop in different countries to meet with my relatives whom I have not seen for a long time. One of which is my uncle who is now in New York.


We landed at Kennedy New York Airport early in the morning after a three-hour flight from Ponce, Puerto Rico. We have completed the first phase of our move from our sailing ship in the Caribbean to our new home in Europe, a trip that will last several weeks and leads us through six different countries. Usually, we would not think twice about such a trip, because we traveled further in less time than it did in the past, but this journey a little different because we traveled on everything that we accumulated over two years of life on the boat. Plus, our two cats!

There was no way we were going to complete any part of this mission using public transportation, like so many of our other adventures – we needed a car! Fortunately, we were able to organize a small SUV throughout our time in New York and New Jersey, the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander. Honestly, this was one of the very few cases when I had little interest in the power, style, accessories, or even the driving abilities that our car possessed, and all this usually interested me very much. This time we had only one requirement – 7 suitcases for registration, four carry-on bags, and two cats weary of travel!

One of the reasons we also wanted to go to New York was to try the Brazilian steak house Fogo de Chão on 53rd Street for dinner and celebrate Mother’s Day, as I am now a crazy cat! Hahaha ?? You may remember that we really liked the Fogo de Chao Churrascaria steakhouse in Puerto Rico, and we decided to visit their much larger restaurant-ship in Manhattan! This is so good, and that’s why we think you should try it too if you are traveling in Manhattan.

They practice the Gaucho Meat Cooking Method

The heart of this restaurant is their chefs who are trained in the centuries-old churrasco grill tradition, respecting the quality of the ingredients, cooking them slowly, and demonstrating their natural taste. Churrasco – a style of frying meat in forest fires, developed in the southern part of Brazil in the early 1800s, and a verdict? This is the most delicious, juicy, thawing kind of meat that we have ever tasted in our entire life.

This is the Fogo de Chao flagship store

We all have something about flagship stores, right? Just think about how tourists want to bring home an expensive bag directly from the flagship store Hermes in Paris. Haha, I think the same goes for the Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão. We tried their Churrascaria steakhouse in Puerto Rico. But we wanted to have a drink and have dinner at their flagship store. We were amazed at how massive and confusing its interior is, located in a 16,000-square-foot, 3-story building in Manhattan. The stunning architectural design also includes the 17-foot bas-relief “O locator” sculpture by Antonio Caring. A historic monument in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

You can get the full churrasco experience outside this world !!

One of the highlights of our visit is their full meat table, which includes the constant service of their fried meat dishes, sliced ​​on meals prepared by Brazilian Gaucho chefs, including specialties such as Picanha (specialty fillets), Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Fraldinha (Brazilian net)) Cordeiro (lamb) and more. You will start this enjoyable experience at the gourmet Market Table & Feijoada Bar, which offers seasonal salads, fresh vegetables, feijoadas (traditional black bean stew served on rice), soups, and much more. In addition to the main dishes, you can enjoy various traditional Brazilian side dishes. Such as the world-famous pão de queijo (warm cheese bread) served to the table. The best part is that you can come back as often as you want!

Our favorite dish: fillet steak and ribeye and tomahawk steak at a dry age. YUM !!!

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