Temples of Utah: Best Temples of Utah

Temples of Utah: Best Temples of Utah

Temples of Utah

Utah has heritage and it has old temples and other buildings. Today we will discuss the Temples of Utah. If you want to visit Temples of Utah then check the following guide of best Temples of Utah.

B’NAI Jewish Temple

B’NAI Jewish Temple is a historic Jewish synagogue located in the East of Salt Lake City, Utah. It built-in 1890, and in 1978 it added to the National Register of Historic Places. This is the oldest temple among Temples of Utah.

The idea of ​​building the Temple belongs to Philip Meyer, who was from Germany and was the nephew of the local tycoon Frederick Auerbach. Therefore, the construction supervised by Henry Monheim, a local architect. This is one of the few buildings built in Utah by Jews and reflecting their importance in the development of the economy, government and educational institutions in the country. The design made in the Romanesque style of the Renaissance, the image of the Fasanenstrasse Synagogue, the famous Jewish Temple in Berlin, was taken as the basis.

The Synagogue building sold in the early 1970s, since then, several commercial enterprises have been located there, including a restaurant and offices.

Logan Temple in Utah

Logan Temple located in Logan, Utah, and opened on May 18, 1877, immediately after consecration in April 1877. Initially, its territory used as a park and public square.  So, This is the best temple among the Temples of Utah.

Approximately 25,000 people worked on the construction of the Logan Temple. The stones and logs for the Temple taken from Logan Canyon. After the Temple completed, women in the city asked to make rugs for the Temple, So it was not possible to buy them in Utah at that time. The women spent two months working to make two thousand square meters of carpets.

Logan Temple was the Second Temple built in Utah and is currently the sixth-largest Temple in the state. His project completed by architect Truman O. Angell. In 1917, a fire destroyed most of the stairs in Logan Temple. Therefore, Forty thousand dollars spent on repairs for three months. In 1949, the Temple renovated, and it received new lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevators, and other modern amenities.

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