Best things to do in Gainesville in 2020

Best things to do in Gainesville in 2020

Things to do in Gainesville

Things to do in Gainesville: Gainesville, Florida, is full of parks and history, making it a great place to relax. There is so much to learn and enjoy so that no one will be bored here. Check out these exciting places to visit when here so that the journey is as fun as possible.

Florida Museum of Natural History

The Florida Museum of Natural History is a great place to visit if travel enthusiasts love to explore the history of various areas. It located at the University of Florida, so it is fairly easy to find. Officially, the museum has been operating for 100 years, which means that some changes have occurred in the exhibits and the information that it shares. They change their exhibits quite often, keeping some and replacing others with more interesting finds or relevant exhibits of that time.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

A 970-hectare (2,441 acres) state park in Florida, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, was named after the 10-kilometer (6-mile) Ichetukni River flowing through the territory. Most people find this river very relaxing, calling it a lazy river where visitors can swim in the water and enjoy some beautiful landscapes along the way. There are employees there to be sure that everything is going smoothly, but if questions arise, they can always help. There is a small fee for entering the park, but on Sundays, there is no person in the barn, so visitors must bring the exact changes with them.

Depot Park

This is a great place to bring kids for hours! Not only is this a wonderful land with trees and flowers around, but there is also a fantastic playground for children. Slides, swings, mudguards – this park has it all! They also have large lawns for children so they can play soccer or baseball if they want. Grass fields are also a great place for a picnic, so take a picnic basket with all your favorite goodies and enjoy a sunny day in this beautiful park.

Santa Fe College Zoo

Santa Fe College Training Zoo is a true college specializing in the art of zoo etiquette. Students will learn about animals that can be in different zoos, how to care for them, what to do if they are sick, almost everything you need to know about animals that are kept in zoos. Since the school specializes in animals at the zoo, of course, there is a zoo next to the school to help them better understand animals.

Bevens Arm Nature Park

This is the very first Gainesville, Florida nature park. It opened in 1981 and contained many different paths to go through the dense woodland. At the head of the park, there is a playground that is suitable for children if they will be with them. Bathrooms are at the beginning of the trail, so be sure to use them before the start of the trail. Visitors to the park will be surprised to see so many pines in the area.

Uf bat houses

This reserve located on the territory of the University of Florida and hundreds of bats hang out here. There are three large open sheds in which creatures hang upside down while they sleep. During the day, the terrain is rather boring, but as soon as the sun sets and the moon rises into the sky, all these bats wake up and start flying to start their nights. It is such an amazing sight when all these night creatures wake up and begin to fly.

Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Sweetwater Wetlands Park is a park full of wetlands and wild creatures for visitors. They are not very beautiful because they are wetlands and it can be quite dirty here, but the animals here are what make the park so spectacular. Visit Birds have made this area their home, and turtles love the water area. There are also many alligators, so be sure to keep an eye on them.


On the campus of the University of Florida, there is a sculpture similar to the popular french fries appetizer. These yellow rays are called “Alachua.” They named after Alachua County, where the University of Florida located. French fries are a popular meeting place for newcomers to the campus during the welcome week, but it is a great place to visit.

Matison’s House

Matheson’s House, a historic and historic site in Gainesville, Florida, was the home of eight-year-old mayor Chris Matheson. Matheson was also a state legislator for those who did not know who he was. The building is currently part of the Matteson Museum, which tells the story of Alachua County. The only disappointing feature of this particular attraction is that an appointment must make to inspect the old House.

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